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Make a Video Presentation With Tablet Design

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Use video presentations to promote your brand and make it stand out!


Are you a technician with an established or a newly developed electronics business? There are numerous tech businesses, considering the current technological advancements. If you are starting your business, this fact could frustrate you. Are you stranded on how you can make your brand dominant in the market? Or are you looking forward to countering the stiff market competition?


If any or all of these things run into your mind, you are in luck. We have a solution that will satisfy you adequately. Let’s jump right into it. The truth is, we are a video production company. We offer professional video production services and stock numerous video editing templates that will meet your design needs.


Produce video presentations with a tablet design with this template!


To help you solve your problem, we have designed a video template that is easy to use, even without any video editing skills or experience. It is wholly based on a DIY model that gives you ultimate freedom on what design features you want to incorporate in your video. From the sample video displayed above, you can see the magic in the design, from the background colors, transitions, and fonts, to font sizes.


They have been done beautifully to meet the objective of uniquely but stylishly promoting your tech brand or business. If you take a closer look, you notice that the design parts in this template are composed of 3D tablets, onto which your content appears. On the tablet, your content appears as though someone is swiping it. And yes, this is a superb way to transition from one slide to the next.


The other beautiful thing about this template is the videos you create with it. People can tell a lot about your professionalism as a company. Creating promo videos for your brand makes your brand look more credible and easy to trust. And the good news is that once people trust your brand, they get more interested in your products and services and even become your customers. So yes, this template is a real gem.


You are probably asking yourself how long the videos will be. The truth is, this template allows you to create videos with 35 seconds duration. The 35 seconds are more than enough to send your intended message to your target audience without getting people bored. Moreover, this template has room for 11 images or video clips and 15 text lines. These come in handy while drafting your content.


How can you create a video presentation with tablet design?


Now, let me enlighten you on how to start creating your video. Click the button with the wording ‘press here to create a video’. You will access the editing window of this template, where you need to input your content. Use the available formatting tools to customize your video to your liking.


To make your video more interesting, add a music track to it. We recommend you choose one from our video editor so your video does not get copyright strikes. And just like that, you are all set. Pay the fee displayed on the template headline to produce the video in Full HD, and build it in various sizes and formats, ready for use, wherever you want.


The takeaway


If you plan to elevate your tech business to greater heights, then this template is all you should adopt. With it, you will create unique video presentations with tablet design that will quickly grab your audience’s attention and make your brand stand out. My advice; do not miss out. Take this chance to lead your brand into success. Click the button above to get started.

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