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Create a Panoramic Wall Slideshow Video

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Create simple but attractive video slideshows to make your brand stand out!


To make your brand stand out in the market, you must select effective promotional strategies that will increase your brand’s presence. This could challenge you, especially if your brand is new. However, do not worry about this. We have got you covered.


We are here to help you get through your video creation process effortlessly. You are probably wondering, how do we do this? In simple terms, we have made the video creation process more straightforward and cheaper for you to afford without bleeding out your finances. And the best part is that we have created a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate platform. Most importantly, you can do this without video editing skills or experience.


Produce exceptional panoramic wall slideshow videos based on this template!


As much as we have made numerous video editing templates available on our video editor, this particular one is special. It has a unique design language, attractive colors, seamless transitions, and stunning display parts. Talking of display parts, they are panoramic walls covered with 3D screens. It is on these screens that your content appears.


Now, while using this template, you can create videos with a duration of up to 50 seconds. You might underestimate the power of these seconds, thinking that it is not enough time, but trust me, they are more than enough and are very effective. You will not get your audience bored.


At the same time, you can add as much essential information as you want to promote your brand or your event in style. To do this, we have designed this template with space to insert up to 12 photos or video clips and even write 14 text lines. With this slideshow template, you can create a unique video that will effortlessly grab and maintain the attention of your target audience.


How can you create a panoramic wall slideshow video?


Now, you are probably interested in creating a video. If you are wondering how you can get started, here is how; click the button above, labeled “Press Here to Create a Video”. You will access this template’s editing window, where you can insert your video content into the display. Edit your content using various editing tools to customize your video to your liking.


To make your video spicier and more appealing, add a music track. You are at liberty to use the stock music tracks on our tool or upload one from your device. From there, produce a free test video to ascertain that your content is accurate and that your video has no errors. If you are confident that your video is flawless, produce it in Full HD, and download it in various sizes and formats.


The Takeaway


If you are looking for simplicity, uniqueness, and elegance as far as the design of your videos is concerned, then you should consider using this template. It is based on a DIY model that gives you absolute control over the design aspects of your video. You can therefore customize your video to your liking.


You would expect that such top-notch quality would cost you a fortune. On the contrary, our video production services are very affordable. You can either pay per template or join our monthly subscription and create an unlimited number of videos throughout the month without paying any extra fees. My advice; do not delay. Get started now, free of charge and trust me, you will create excellent panoramic wall video slideshows that will scale your business or event to greater heights.

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