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Create Vertical Instagram Story Video using Professional Template

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One stop guide to making a stunning vertical video with this template


Whether you’re a filmmaker enthusiast or DIY expert, we all know that capturing vertical visual content is challenging. The process takes a lot of guesswork as you’re supposed to consider the vertical dimensions of a frame before you take up your shot. Cropping the footage is also troublesome because the resolutions need to be scaled. Since the entire process is daunting and frustrating, you need a solution to reposition your clips to generate a creative stack.


Our state-of-the-art vertical video template you see above does that. It uses built-in automated patterns to position your clips in the most authentic way possible. How can you know this is practical? The process is easy. You can experiment with diagonal lines or tap together more than two videos to clear your doubts. That’s it! Now that you know the little integrities involved let’s dig a little deeper to show you how to create stunning vertical videos with after effects template.


You can choose to start your project from scratch; that means replacing the existing content with your own. Getting started is straightforward. Do you see the “Click Here to Add a Video” button? Yes! You got it right. Click it to get full access to unique designs and editing features. There’s a real aesthetic quality that comes with the template. So, start by inserting three videos, seven text lines, and a logo image. Also, ensure that the total time duration doesn’t exceed fifteen seconds.


Why use our vertical video template to command the attention of your viewers


Anyone who owns a business knows that using mind-blowing visual content can make your brand stand out in minutes. With the current era of social media, you’re sure to command the attention of millions who stream to your site to engage with your content. One of the significant pluses of this template is that it’s web-based. So, this allows you to create exciting vertical videos to share with family, friends, or for business purposes without worrying about the device or operating system.


The tool comprises handy features ranging from animated transitions, motions, fonts, and graphics packages. In no time, you can make bright and impactful videos to captivate your audience. While inserting your content, it’s no struggle at all. How the themes appear is epic. They’re arranged in logical patterns so you can match the suitable niche effortlessly. We all know that if you quickly fail to entice your audience, they will likely leave you. So, this template puts your viewers upfront with a hook.


For music lovers, we’ve good news! Are you ready to hear this? Okay, I can tell that I have your attention now. The vertical video maker you see above lets you create visual content previews, which can be overlaid with royalty-free music. It has an extensive audio library where you can choose your favorite melodies to captivate viewers. Thankfully, our talented team of animators made this happen because we value our clients. So, with this template, making impressive vertical videos is a click.


Final words


In a nutshell, let’s recap to drive the point home. Why not try our template if you have no idea what to incorporate into your vertical video content? We provide far-reaching aesthetics that can captivate your audience with eye-catching visuals and a bunch of attractive themes. At the very least, one click can turn your followers into potential customers.


Now that you know our template does it for you, why not start with us? We offer flexible prices that are pocket-friendly to meet your budget needs. Visit our website and get started today.

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