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Create Vertical Instagram Video using Professional Template

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Learn how to make a stunning vertical Instagram video in minutes

If you're a savvy brand, you want to pursue emerging trends to keep up with constantly changing market pressures. Consumers look for compelling and catchy content in the current social media era. So, to stay in the game, you must ensure that you popularize your visual content with eye-catching portrait orientation videos. Vertical videos have relatively become a masterpiece in the new digital movement. They have taken the world by storm with a probable expansion through Insta stories.

Anyone who loves marketing promos can never run short of ideas to make their brand look more impressive. With our state-of-the-art template, you can impress your audience with dazzling visual content for your Instagram stories. Although that seems ideal, I can tell what you're asking yourself now. Why should you invest in vertical Instagram videos? With the dramatic increase in mobile devices, a vertical view of content has become a new norm. Think about that; do you see any sense?

As a social media enthusiast, you should know that visual content using mobile devices is adapting the way users consume content. For instance, using smartphones, users can shoot or hold the devices vertically to view content. So, that makes your business invest in a vertical business strategy. Do you want to learn how? The process is flawless. Using the above video maker template, insert up to three videos, five text lines, and a logo image. Also, ensure that the total video duration is fifteen seconds.

Command your viewers' attention with exciting Instagram vertical videos

Think about this for a minute, in the past few years, viewers have been conditioned to watch vertical videos in bursts of ten seconds or less. Typically, that suggests that they can tap through anything that seems not interesting or captures their attention. Remember that this behavior hasn't disappeared and is here to stay for a while. So, you would want to equip yourself with the right gear to ensure that your brand produces exciting vertical videos. And the best way to do so is using our video maker.

Our template is fast-paced, and it features exceptional aesthetics that grab attention in seconds. Our template offers a plus to direct viewers' vision up and down the screen. As you can see from the template, the animated transitions, motion effects, and text placeholders have a unique effect that makes an audience's eye stick to the screen and not dart away. Our template adds a new perspective for viewers used to watching things move side to side.

It's also an exciting opportunity to ensure your audience stays engaged with breathy background music to soothe their emotions. Are you still worrying about royalty strikes? No way! Consider that a thing of the past. Our template is handy with a collection of copyright-free music. Not everyone likes watching dull visual content with no soft melodies. So, music is an exciting addition to grab your followers' attention. The conversion rate at this point is fast-paced to take your brand to the next level.

Final words

Now that you know what it takes to produce vertical videos let's recap to drive the point home for a minute. Being a vertical content creator is exciting. Nowadays, more viewers use smartphones that have a vertical orientation. In this case, you have more opportunities to distribute your visuals. Equipped with the above template, you can start creating eye-catching videos while in your comfort zone.

In short, we would love to help grow your brand to become an internet sensation. Sign up for flexible offers today and streamline traffic to your brand. We offer flexible solutions that meet your budget.

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