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Create Fashion Instagram Story Video with Professional template

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Where to find Instagram story ideas for your fashion brand?


Are you a fashion blogger, brand, influencer, business, or enthusiast looking to create inspiring Instagram stories? Try our fashion Instagram story templates for inspiration and fast, professional results. Fully customizable, each video project contains a powerful cloud-based template editor with preset background footage, design elements, and components already pre-installed. 

Create fashion videos in minutes, depending on your styling needs and advertising goals. Not sure how to convey the facts and details you want your audience to see? This pre-designed vertical video with 27 editable text overlays, 14 clips, and logo animation has a modern modular layout to speed up the design process.


When you want to structure your video content to ensure it translates effectively, customized storyboard templates can help you achieve fast and impressive results. Have you wondered why countless businesses and professionals use ready-built video templates for this? Let's talk about the advantages and how to get started. 

How to get super creative with fashion Instagram story templates


You want to get your Instagram story for fashion business just right. Our Instagram-ready fashion template offers the perfect vertical canvas, already optimized and formatted in the correct dimension and size for easy integration. So you can rest assured that all your followers will have the best viewing experience when watching your streams.


Create branded Instagram stories for your fashion series easily. Beautifully designed for brand or product promotion, our vertical Instagram story template features a contemporary minimalist theme. It has multiple display screens to showcase your collection. Customize this layout to create a unique look for your brand. With the best set of customization tools on hand, you can modify the text, graphics, and animations to fit your new story perfectly.


Use this dynamic fashion template to transform average images and footage into trendy animation in a snap. You'll be able to add texture to the background with color filters, design elements, and transition effects. Choose from an array of legible font styles, typography, and elegant transition effects to make your stories stand out on Instagram. Customize your titles, change the clip speed to create fast and slow-motion effects, and alter background elements on the timeline quickly. 

Fashion Instagram story creation simplified


Get the perfect personalized brand story video for Instagram. Let me show you how we make it easy to create multiple new stories with a single design layout. Upload and share the best snapshots of your fashion line or products in the highest resolution possible on your page to intrigue viewers.


With our easy-to-follow creative process, you won't lose track of the things that matter when curating your stories. Combine artwork, footage, photos, text, and music to lead with a compelling narrative. Whether your goal is to increase sales, drive traffic to your page, boost engagement, or build awareness, this template has you covered.


Edit your story online with our drag-and-drop template editor. Included as part of this toolkit, this handy AI-powered video maker is intuitive, fast, and fully automated. It works perfectly and reduces your video production time exponentially. Set your stories apart from the competition and win over eyeballs with this quick 15-second clip.

Why use a pre-designed fashion Instagram story template?


Our fast drag-and-drop template editor is so straightforward you won't want to stop once you get going. Create impactful Instagram stories that are cohesive and on-brand every time. Adopt your favorite theme across all the videos you create and add your digital signature for instant brand recognition.


Incorporate your brand color scheme into the design to give it an exclusive theme that fits your style. Make a powerful Instagram story video with our premade vertical video template. Not sure this look is right for your brand or business? Fret not. You'll find tons of inspiration to drive your creative imagination in our online media library but don't just take my word for it; try and see.

Learn how to define your purpose, share updates, and get conversations flowing on your page in seconds. Our template unlocks the door to infinite creative possibilities, so we leave everything to your imagination. Want your branded Instagram stories in the best resolution? Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription for new designs, premium features, and downloadable HD-ready versions without a watermark.

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