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Make Amazing Photo Slideshow Video with After Effects template

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Level up your slideshow photo After Effects video with an automated template


Slideshow advertising offers similar benefits to traditional video ads, although it requires less time, effort, and money. Using photo slideshows as a digital marketing tool can be rewarding for any business or brand striving to raise awareness, establish trust, and improve recognition. Moreover, there’s a quicker and smarter way to make promotional ads like this.


Are you eager to learn how to make a photo slideshow in After Effects? Don’t worry. With our help, you can create stunning slideshow advertisements for your business. Do you want to learn how to make these ads yourself?


Try our template-based slideshow maker. This toolkit contains prerendered motion graphics and powerful one-click customization features to make branded promotional slides quickly. Our self-serve video templates are fully customizable and highly intuitive.


How to make a photo slideshow in After Effects the easy way?


First time making professional video ads? That’s OK. Our template-based editing suite has an easy-to-navigate user interface, so you don’t need any experience at all.


After you watch this featured clip, press Edit, and you can start working on your project immediately. Just drop in your logo design, clips and images. Get a front-row seat to watch your project coming together nicely. It includes placeholders for texts (21) and video clips or photos (10). This slideshow timeline plays for 1 minute, 4 seconds.


You can easily edit your slide with high-end transitions, footage, branding elements, and background music. Find custom stocks to decorate and spice up your slideshow. All of these are available to you right here on our platform. Download your finished slideshow ad as a full-HD video (Mp4, no watermark) for an unprecedented low price.


What can you do with this Adobe After Effects photo slideshow?


Packed with incredible customization features, our template editor lets you change the layout, background graphics, resize images, and add personalized branding with ease. If you like, you can even jazz it up with high-quality audio. Now you have all the tools right at your fingertips to make eye-catching slideshows that last.


Let me explain some of the best features of photo slideshow ads. Not only will this help you create captivating slideshow ads that effectively sell your brand, but it involves a simple, repeatable process. Moreover, it offers all the benefits of traditional video advertisements and more. It’s lightweight, cost-effective, easy to make, concise yet engaging, and loads quickly.


What are some different ways to use a photo slideshow template? You can share your corporate story, make product demos, show how features work, and highlight consumer benefits.


The takeaway


As always, customizable slideshow ads are ideal for reinforcing or clarifying information about a specific brand. Whether you’re creating brand launch ads, product/service overview, or testimonials, our storyboard template is easy to use. You’ll find everything from pre-installed motion graphics to built-in adjustment controllers for resizing images, repositioning elements, and so forth.


You can also set the speed and timing of transitions. It features an advanced color tuning system for correcting any slight saturation to give your footage a polished, realistic look. While editing your video project, you can preview the progress and make changes before the final cut.


Now you have our fast in-browser video editor to render all your clips at the correct frame rates for optimal performance. With auto-rendering, this won’t take a lot of time, even if you decide to try something else. Save your incomplete and completed projects in the cloud to retrieve later.


This mockup can make slideshow ads for business, events, trailer-type series, personal timeline montage, art/fashion showcases, and promotional marketing drives. Eager to start your project? You won’t regret this investment decision, but don’t just take my word for it. Reserve your favorite design and purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to enjoy lifetime downloads.

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