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Make Simple Rotating Corporate Logo Video with AE template

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Want a thriving digital marketing business? Try this simple logo maker!


Make a stunning video in minutes with this Simple Bright Rotating Logo After Effects Template for corporate promotion. Use it to emulate your brand’s unique personality and style. The immersive sound, captivating visuals, and animated transitions of your 3D rotating logo will enchant anyone who sets eyes on it.


Animated logo intros create the best visual previews for corporate presentations, social media storyboards, and product demonstrations. Do you want to learn how to customize your corporate brand logo for a sensational branding campaign? MakeWebVideo can help you reinvent your brand image in minutes.


Whether you are spreading brand awareness, demonstrating product innovations, or promoting your corporate events, you can now do it quicker. Our simple logo maker is perfect for amateurs and avid content creators who want to cut video production spending. Now that you know this, you can boldly face your fear of missing out (FOMO) on social engagement opportunities.


What is the role of a logo intro video for corporate advertising?


Corporate logo videos play a pivotal role in promoting services, products, or a brand. Sometimes you can even leverage the strategy in all three contexts, depending on your corporate branding objectives. Video advertising continues to trend as the most effective form of digital marketing today.


If you have distinct marketing objectives you want to achieve, animated logo presentations can help you bring them to fruition. Moreover, you can stimulate recall with interactive elements that trigger an emotional connection. Well-executed video presentations help brands simplify complex concepts that help consumers understand how specific products or services work.


Production values and pace are the two fundamental components you need to compose a captivating corporate video. Let me explain some of the advantages of using this online MakeWebVideo editor. It is fast, precise, intuitive, economical, and has auto-rendering capabilities.


Corporate video branding using rotating logo After Effects template


Brand presentation influences what the public and corporate bodies think about your enterprise. Your emblem or logo essentially compels the audience to watch your segments. However, it is your voice, offering, design, the topics you touch on, and perspective that cements your stay. If you adapt our MakeWebVideo bright logo After Effects template, you can instantly create a polished corporate video.


The thing about our format is that it gives your brand presentations a coherent design and structure. It also helps you present complex topics in a concise, digestible manner. If you examine the template, you will notice the visible predefined layers, where you can add just one logo image (1) and a custom text line (1). Your animated video will feature up to 9 seconds of footage.


If your brand emanates simplicity and modesty, this simple 3D logo spin After Effects template will complement your style. You can change the text and color to match your brand.  Plus, you have absolute creative control to personalize the template and make it your own.


Tips to make the best corporate logo animation for brand marketing


Mind you, using your company logo to brand your promotional videos can be tricky. One golden rule is that you determine the objective of your branding campaign beforehand. Will you be leveraging it to build brand trust and loyalty, showcase new product features or education? Here is what you can do to ensure you promote your brand effectively.


  • Include your company or brand logo in your corporate videos. It will boost brand recognition. The perfect placement is to the right or left corners where it is visible and won’t overlap any of your design elements. With our MakeWebVideo editing tool, you can animate your logo in minutes.


  • Choose appropriate logo fonts and colors for your videos. Consistency is an essential quality you want your brand to exemplify. You cannot achieve this if you don’t have color and style uniformity. So, if you have limited experience designing and editing videos, go for monochromatic shades. It will improve the contrast of light and dark elements in the background. As far as fonts go, choose a simple style that compliments your brand logo and won’t obscure its beauty.


  • Tone and topics. Talk about your brand in a passionate, affirming manner while keeping your segments educational and entertaining. Choose a voice that harmonizes with your brand persona. Should your videos be bubbly, charismatic, insightful, casual, or professional? You choose, but don’t make it bland, or viewers will forget you in a second. Take care to achieve this uniformity with all your presentations. Purchase MakeWebVideo unlimited monthly subscription and stretch your profit margin.

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