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Make Cube Flip Corporate Logo Intro Video with AE template

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Make a corporate logo intro in minutes

According to stats, the popularity of animated logos in videos is growing immensely. Nowadays, everyone uses logo animations on websites, television, corporate videos, promoting their company, product, or service visually.  According to research, the human eye focuses on things in motion faster than static visuals.

How can I animate my log without spending a lot of money? People ask. It’s easy.

With makewebvideo.com, you can create your own cube logo animation video by inserting a logo image and up to 4 text lines. Our user-friendly intro and outro maker automatically produces an amazing 3d cube flip logo animation video that will make your startup business look modern, polished, and professional in just a few clicks. With a duration of 9 seconds, you can quickly hook your audience.

What our intro video creator software can do for you

1. Increase brand awareness

A professional cube flip corporate logo intro video lets you create a solid and memorable image for your brand. With a professionally designed video, you can bring your logo to life, make a strong connection with your viewers and prospective clients in seconds.

2. Modern and professional look

Having an outstanding video for your corporate will enhance a sense of consistency and expertise in your online presence. A unique video connects with viewers emotionally through the compelling combination of image, motion, and sound. Animation expresses the type of your business more efficiently than a still image. 

3. Affordable

Most people have the notion that video production is expensive. Well, it is if your hire a video editor to do the job for you. However, if you do it yourself, you’ll be surprised how cheap it is to create a corporate logo reveal video using our template. 

Where can I use my corporate logo reveal video?

• Intro and outro for videos


Animated logos leave a remarkable impression. You can use them to promote or identify your brand. Embed it in your marketing videos either at the beginning of the end.

• Marketing a product or service


A product video with an animated logo looks more appealing than a plain video. It’s easy for your business name or brand to linger on the viewer’s mind.

• Video Ads


Have you ever noticed YouTube logo animation that occasionally displays up in between YouTube videos? That’s known as self-promotion. You can do something similar with your logo reveal video. It’s an effective way to create a connection with your audience.

• Social media


Most corporates are now promoting video media on social media networks since the process for ads is very affordable. Even if it’s Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, posting a short video in the newsfeed will display your brand to millions of social media users.


How to use our logo reveal After Effects template?

The process of creating your video is simple. The first step is to upload your logo to our intro and outro maker. Ensure your logo is readable.

You can customize your video using the color feature. Consider making your video more exciting by adding a music track from the ones provided in the template. Alternatively, you can choose one from your device.

The last step is to click on the preview button and let the template do its magic. Our system will request you to sign up with your name and email to create a free personalized preview. If you like the video, you can export and download it at a reasonable price and use it in any media or social media network.



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