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Shutter Logo Intro Animation - Create Your Own Logo Sting

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This logo intro template will show your logo revealing, with a beautiful clean animation that will reveal your website name at the end. Video has a duration of just 9 seconds, perfect as an intro video for your brand. Music is included, you just need to upload your logo, business name, website, or tag line. 



How can I create a logo reveal video for my company?



Until this day, the only possible way of creating an excellent animation video like this was using After Effects. This is the leading animation software in the market. But it has a really steep learning curve. You could be learning for months before doing something that looks as good as this video. 


The second option would be hiring a professional animator to make a video for you. While this could give you really amazing results, it would also cost you a lot of money. Having a custom animation made could cost you hundreds if not even thousands of dollars. 


So the best thing you could do is use our Online Video Animator. 



Why should I use your Online Video Editor?



Using our online video editor will let you create a beautiful looking video in no time, with no video editing skills for only a small fraction of the cost of professional video animation. 


Using our cloud-based software, you just need to look in our big template library for the perfect one for your business. Let's say you liked this Shutter Logo Intro Animation, so what do I have to do?


Just click the button above to launch our online software. After that, you just need to add your logo, your company name or tagline and then just sit and wait. You will have a free preview of what you've just created. If you like it, you can get a FULL HD version of the video to use it on your company or product videos and make the perfect impression from the first minute. 


So, try it out. Create the perfect video for your brand in no time and for little money. You will be back for more.

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