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Make Ribbon Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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Get better marketing results with customized logo reveal animation!


Where to find inspiration for the perfect brand logo showcase these days? Although there are countless resources on the web, it’s imperative to choose a source that meets all your business needs. Do you want to learn how to piece together an elegant logo sting in minutes?


Check out this logo reveal animation featuring Ribbon After Effects graphics. It lets you turn any static logo into creative motion graphics for a stylish brand or product unveiling. This dynamic video template is ideal for commercial and corporate projects.


Getting started is simple. The template also features an in-browser video maker, so you don’t have to buy or install any software. If you scroll to the bottom of this video, you’ll see edit this template; tap the button.


How to customize this ribbon logo reveal template?


Register or log in to access our intuitive template dashboard. Our easy-to-edit template lets you add a custom logo design and slogan for six (6) seconds playback. Just drag and drop your media onto the layers for placement. Easily upload your saved clips and images to showcase your work or properties.


Discover the best designer-made illustrations, icons, stickers, creative graphic assets, and more for your project. Redo the background graphics and customize the preset colors to fit your brand palette. Effortlessly engineer transitions, filters, and sound effects into your clips.


With our speedy automated video maker, it’s easy to trim, crop, edit and compile your media files for smooth playback. Top it off with a meaningful, memorable jingle. If you can’t find suitable tracks of your own, you can always explore our music library for inspiring custom numbers. Finally, you can stamp your brand on it and order your full HD logo stinger (Mp4, no watermark).


Improve brand-driven storytelling with logo reveal animation


How do you get your target audience to connect with your brand and become emotionally invested in your content? Let me explain some of the things you must focus on to strengthen your marketing position. With video storytelling, you can easily express your brand personality and message.


Logo animation lets you simplify the most complex concepts and ideas. Sell your unique value proposition persuasively and confidently. Our custom-made video template lets you add themes to show uniformity, consistency and make your brand easily recognizable.


Use your stories to elicit mixed emotions in your audience, like laughter, amusement, curiosity, surprise, or awe. Our design process is easy and only takes a few minutes to create a whole logo sting. It’s simple for every user, whether you’re an experienced editor or beginner.


Top reasons to use logo reveal After Effects template?


It’s economical, convenient, and you don’t even need any professional editing skills or motion design experience. You can access our app online anytime you want. All the editing tools are already on board, waiting for you. Make your video on a desktop or mobile device.


Do everything yourself without expert help. Make your brand instantly recognizable wherever it goes. Use this for your brand promotion or product reveal. The template also has modular controls to help you adjust specific features, like the sequence of clips or timing.


You can slow down or speed up particular scenes in your video to emphasize details. With a framework, you can keep everything organized and structured to deliver a professional-looking video. Don’t have confidence in your ability to put together a compelling logo stinger? Got a tight budget? You can achieve anything you want with our prebuilt logo animation template.


Nothing can hold you back now! Grab a premade template and start experimenting with themes today. It won’t cost you anything to try. But don’t just take my word for it; register for free and start making videos. You get the best value when you purchase our unlimited monthly subscription.

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