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Create an Amazing Podcast Promo Video In Minutes

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Podcast Promo Video in Minutes

If you’re serious about your podcast and want to grow your audience, you know that videos are an essential element of your marketing plan. Even if you don’t make traditional media, using podcast promo videos to promote your show will go further than just posting a link to your episode on Facebook or Twitter. Videos give your message an entirely new dimension that is impossible for other mediums (text, images, audio) to compete with.

There are so many options when creating videos that it can take time to decide which one to use. But this is where the help of professional online software comes into play. With years of experience in the field, they’ll know just the right combination of software and production values to suit your video needs. Using our ONLINE PROMO MAKER, you can rest assured that your video will look fantastic, be easy to share, and be actionable.

Why create videos for the best podcast promotions?

One thing that all successful podcasting entrepreneurs have in common is that they understand the power of video. Videos are a quick and effective way to market your show. By creating a podcast promo video for your episode, you promote your performance and help build your brand and your business’s image.

Whether you’re a newbie or have no experience in video production, the tips and strategies in this article will help you create a fantastic promo video for your podcast. So, let’s get started!

How to create a promo video for a podcast?

The tips for the best podcast promotions can help you get there faster! One of the essential things when creating a video for your podcast is keeping it simple. When creating a video for your show, you don’t have to make a super long video; ideally, your video should be under a minute long. Since most people have an appetite for short videos, they’ll be much more likely to watch and enjoy your promo if it’s under a minute long.

So for this, you need to click the button above and insert up to 13 text lines and one logo image. The total video duration is 36 seconds, enough to grab the attention. You can download your video in High-Definition resolution and share your promo online anywhere to gain followers. So purchase our monthly subscription plan and have unlimited access to our templates.


Creating an intro video for your podcast is essential to any promotional campaign. Whether you’re promoting a new episode or want to share the latest news about your company, videos are an easy way to attract listeners and clients.

Most of us don’t have the skill or equipment to make professional-quality videos, but that’s okay! Now you can create professional-quality and cost-effective videos using our software, which will look great on your blog and social media channels and help build trust with your audience. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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