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Create Professional Podcast Opener Video With Your Logo

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Professional Podcast Opener Video

Do you want to be more visible in the world of podcasting? Do you want to attract sponsors and label your show as high-quality content? If so, creating a professional podcast opener video will help you reach your goals.

This article will discuss the importance of having a dynamic podcast opening video, why you should have one, and what you can do to make your podcast stand out. We will also go over some effective and easy ways how you can create the perfect opener video for your podcast. So without further ado, let's get started.

What is a podcast opener?

A podcast opener is a video that will greet your listeners and quickly get them into the flow of your show. It typically consists of your show logo, a timestamp, and some information about the podcast's topic. You can vary the length of the opener to suit your needs.
Some podcasts prefer to get right into the show's meat, while others like to give listeners a short introduction to their topic before getting into the core of their content.

Why create a Professional Podcast Opening Video?

If you want to attract sponsors and label your show as high-quality content, then creating a professional podcast opening video will help you reach your goals. With the number of platforms that can make a professional opening video for your podcast, deciding which one to use often comes down to two main things: budget and personal preferences.

Some people prefer to keep their opening videos short and sweet. In contrast, others want a more extended version that gives the audience a more detailed introduction to the topic they are discussing. The second thing is that there must be a low cost for video creation, and our online video maker is best for both reasons.

What to say in a podcast opener?

You don't need to say anything; Insert up to 1 text line and two logo images. The total video duration is 10 seconds. Our video template will work on most platforms, so there is no need to create a special video for every forum. You can download your produced video in any format and use it on any social platform. This is great because it allows you to create an extremely professional-looking opener video and achieve easy social media shares and links in one fell swoop.

The good thing about our platform is that it allows straightforward steps to be put in place and requires minimum effort. Once you know what you can do, start testing different templates until you find one that works best with your goals.

Here are some tips: Keep it Under 30 Seconds – Your opening video should only take up a maximum of 30 seconds of your episode. Keep it Simple – Your opener video should be simple and easily understood. Ensure your audience can relate to your topic and feel comfortable laughing or sad. Engage Your Audience – Before your show, engage your audience with this kind of opener video.


In short, the opening video for your podcast is the catalyst that will help your listeners get into the flow of your show. The video will greet your listeners and bring them into the right frame of mind for the rest of the podcast.

You can create the best professional opening video for your podcast using our online video maker. You can have unlimited templates by purchasing our monthly subscription plan, which is convenient and affordable, so let's get started.
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