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Make Origami Box Animated Logo Video with After Effects template

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Turn this Origami Logo After Effects template into a money-making video in minutes!


Make a video in minutes with this Origami Box Animated Logo After Effects template for your business. Are static logos even a thing anymore? The adaptation of logo animation in video marketing has reached record highs. Have you seen the statistics lately?


Here at MakeWebVideo, we embrace the trend and help brands create lasting first impressions with the best-animated narratives. With our virtual video-making tool, you can animate your logo and create compelling intro/outro advertisements. Guess what? Our intro video creator software doesn’t require installation because it is a web-based application.


We know how busy entrepreneurs get, managing a series of business affairs all by yourself. Cost-efficiency is something you want for your startup because it means you get to keep more of your profits. The Origami 3D animation is perfect for e-commerce storefronts that prefer a subtle design that emphasizes modern artistry. Do you want to learn how to organize a professional opening segment using ready-made animated After Effects templates?


How to use our online intro and outro maker to create animated logo videos


What makes our process so worry-free? You have the least complicated task to do because our animators handled the tedious part of the job. So, what we have here for you only requires customization. It’s nothing technical and won’t take much of your time to learn how to make a YT intro.


Before we start, think about the script you want to use and a high-resolution brand logo image because you will need both for this editing session. Are you ready? OK! Just reserve 30 minutes of your time to do this. Some projects take less time, but we want to give you the most precise estimate.


It takes just three (3) simple steps to create your animated logo intro/outro segment. By now, you should’ve registered for your free MakeWebVideo account. Sign in to start customizing your Origami logo animation video.


1. Click the premade template you like. It will launch the editor.


2. Upload your brand logo and text. For this project, you only need one (1) logo image and four (4) text lines.


3. Edit and produce. The editor has automatic rendering capabilities, so just press produce to initiate the process. You can save and preview your animated video before you download it.


We do our utmost to provide a concise brand commercial. The goal is to make it insightful and entertaining in the same breath. So, this segment only includes 11 seconds of footage.


What can our box logo animation After Effects template do for your brand?


Of course, we expected you to ask this question. Well, I can’t sum up everything in this article, so let me explain the top four (4) benefits. However, mind you, this is one of the most financially rewarding investments you can make in digital branding.


  • Make a low monthly payment for unlimited projects. Product branding trends have a limited streak cycle before it loses momentum. Depending on how frequently you release videos and your branding strategy campaign goals, you might require more than a few trailers. Our Origami logo is versatile and adaptive. You can use it for multiple projects and different product branding exhibits.


  • Promote brand awareness effectively. Using our easy-to-use online animator software, you can repurpose our crisp motion graphic templates to make memorable, replayable brand intros and outros. It will help your company establish and nurture lasting trust relationships with your audience.


  • Give your brand content a modern, professional appeal. Brand logo animation adds structure to your presentation because of its coherent styling and composition. And your audience will love that you took the time to compose a well-organized video for them.


  • Trigger emotional reaction. The powerful synergy of motion, sound, and imagery exhibited in an animated logo will inspire an emotional response from your viewers. It conveys the temperament of your brand in an ideal way. Whether you desire a cheerful, spirited personality or vibrancy, animated videos tell profound brand stories.


Start creating your brand story in real-life animation. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and never worry about paying per video again.

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