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Make 3D Unboxing Logo Intro Video with After Effects template

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Make a 3D animation box with after effects template

Nowadays, animated logos are gaining a lot of popularity, and it seems like almost every brand is now using logo animations in their marketing and advertising videos. But, we can't just ignore the fact that animated logos have contributed immensely to so many brands' growth. With that said, ensure to create a box 3d model logo reveal video with this template by inserting up to four video clips, three text lines, and a logo image.

It's no longer a secret that, as humans, we pay attention more to things in motion than still images; for that reason, this template allows you to create a short and precise video by not exceeding thirteen seconds. Okay, I know what you're thinking: how can I make a 3d animation box video without breaking the bank? The attractiveness of this template is that it's affordable, and you can create your video on a budget.

Our 3d box logo intro maker is simple to use for everyone, and it instantly lets you make a professional and high-quality video that will make your business stand out. Every business needs a logo intro video, whether a startup or established company; that's why you ought to take advantage of it when you have such an excellent intro maker at your disposal. Now let's get to some of the benefits that our 3d box mockup online maker has to offer for your business.

The benefit of using our packaging design video

Increase brand awareness

With a professional logo introduction video, you can create a striking image for your brand. An animation video will make your logo lively and build a firm connection with your viewers and customers in minutes.

It's a worthy investment

Creating a video using this template is an investment that pays off. Now you have a chance to make a video that will serve you for some time.

It gives your brand a professional look

When you have a 3D animated logo for your business or even social media videos, it will display a sense of competence and consistency in your online presence. Our logo intro maker will add flavor to your video and make it look exquisite.

Supports your brand story

Through a powerful combination of images and motion, your audience can quickly and passionately connect with your logo intro video since it effectively communicates the nature of your business better than a static image.

How and where to use your box 3D model logo animation video


If you have a youtube channel and upload videos regularly, adding an animated logo into your videos will make your channel stand out from your competitors. An intro video will classify your brand and leave viewers with a memorable impression.

Social media platforms

Nowadays, ninety percent of social media networks sponsor video content, and the prices are incredibly reasonable. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, posting a short and precise logo introduction in the newsfeed will showcase your brand to many social media devotees.

Products and services

If you've recently launched a product or service and planning to film and edit a video about your product, consider adding your animated logo at the start of your video and the end. The video will look not only professional but also eye-catching.


Our online 3D intro maker is simple to use. You only have to select the template, insert your logo and follow the customization steps. You can use the font feature to adjust colors and add a music track from the music library.

Finally, you can play a free preview, and if you like the result, you can purchase the video at a small fee.

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