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Make a New Year's Eve Wishes Countdown Video with this After Effects template

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Create an animated New Year’s Eve Wishes Video in minutes

Suppose you’re lucky; this new year can bring new resolutions and creative ideas that your company and customers depend on. Luckily, we’ve got this video template to serve your brand right and ensure your customers feel appreciated by creating a lovely New Year greetings video. The steps are simple; you only need to insert up to six video clips, fifteen text lines, and two logo images.

Short and precise videos are preferable; therefore, when creating your video with this template, ensure it doesn’t exceed one minute and thirteen seconds. It’s vital to note that betting on video for your company isn’t a matter of ‘do I want to do it or not’ anymore; gone are the days when investing in videos was a luxury only a few brands could afford. In the present day, creating videos for your brand is a must, and you can’t overlook them anymore.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: maybe videos are too expensive for your taste, takes too much time to make one, or perhaps you don’t see any reason why you need one for your product or service.

These are all valid concerns, but thanks to technology, many video templates are available online, and you can create video content at a very affordable price. Suppose you were to conduct a massive poll with every living person across the globe and ask them how they feel about videos; the majority would scream, ‘I love videos!’

Your viewers would love to watch a Happy New Year counter video

We live in an age where videos are becoming popular; a while ago, it was difficult to access them or even find people to watch them. The internet and advanced communication technologies have allowed people to watch high-quality videos wherever they are, whenever they want.

Given how comfortable, direct, and simple video is, the reception has been overwhelming; studies now reveal that people would rather watch a video about a company than read about it on a 4:1 ratio.

Other studies say that video is processed 60,000 times faster than text, meaning that people want things to be easy, and video can give it to them. If you put out your New Year’s greeting video, you won’t have to persuade your audience to watch it because they have been looking for it the entire time.

According to stats, YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally by a wide margin. Why? People watch more and more videos daily; therefore, it makes a lot of sense for the biggest video-sharing platform to be a place where they search for them.

For example, a study shows that searches for how-to videos on YouTube increased 71% in the last few years; don’t tell me you don’t want to be part of the offer covering that demand. The video content you create for your business will go beyond YouTube to significantly impact your Search Engine Optimization. Every startup business owner wants that for their company; imagine being ranked high on Google. That’s a huge milestone.


Don’t let this chance pass you by, especially when you have this template; you can also access exciting inbuilt editing tools to help you create a masterpiece. Now is your chance to spread the new year’s spirit to your audience uniquely and excitingly.

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