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Make A 60 Seconds New Year Countdown Video Online

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We are coming to the end of this year, which means that we are about to usher in a new year. There are many ways in which you can wish your loved ones a happy New Year 2021, but we bring you an all-new way to usher in the New Year.


We have taken our time to design a template with the best graphics and transitions perfectly compatible with your intended purpose. As you can see from the sample video displayed above, this template will help you create fascinating countdown videos with unique designs.


With this template, you can create New Year videos with a duration of up to 71 seconds. Our template also has space to insert up to 7 video clips, 10 text lines, and even 2 logo images.


How to create New Year’s Eve live countdown videos using our template


With our New Year countdown timer, it is super easy for you to create professional New Year Countdown videos. You get to produce high-quality New Year animations using the best video templates. Press the button above to start your video project and customize this template.


Clicking the button above will open up our template window, thereby giving you Full access to all the available editing options. The video creation is straightforward, and all you are required to do is replace the existing content in the displayed video parts with your own.


Ensure that you constantly use the image preview to ensure that the data you input in the displayed video parts is accurate. You should also add a music track to your happy New Year video to make it more captivating.


Once satisfied with your music selection, produce a free test video to help you check for any errors that your happy New Year animation may have. When you are convinced that everything is as you want it to be, produce the Full HD video.


With the Full HD video in your possession, you can download it or upload it on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. As simple as that, and you will be all set with the best quality New Year’s countdown clock videos. Get started now, free of charge.


All you need to know when uploading a video


It is effortless for you to upload your desired video in the displayed video parts. Some of the important nuggets that you should take note of when uploading your videos are highlighted below.


In case of any problems when displaying your video footage, convert it to MP4 format with this tool: PC or MAC, and try again. Remember to press “Update preview” afterward.


The video that you upload should have at least have the same or bigger duration than the part. If the video duration is bigger, you can set the time position from where the video will start playing. If your video has audio and you want to hear it, press “show audio options” and remove the “no audio” option.


What to remember when uploading an image


The accepted image formats are PNG, JPG, BMP, and TIF. For logos, use PNG format if you need a transparent background. If you need a transparent background, use PNG format. Make sure to follow the recommended image size displayed under the upload button.


When it comes to the image quality, ensure that the final image size is 1920 * 1080. Keep that in mind when picking the pictures or video footage for your video. If you use pictures or video footage that is too small, it may not look great in the final video.

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