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Make New Year Fireworks Video with After Effects template

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Easy way to create a New Year fireworks video with an After Effects template


Are you considering making a New Year greetings card, reveal, or promo ad to welcome 2022 in style? Or perhaps you want to send season's greetings to your colleagues, friends, family, or someone special. Sometimes, creating personalized videos can be challenging, time-consuming, and heavy on your pocket.


One way to offset this expense is using an automated After Effects template to make your videos. There are pre-designed motion graphics templates for celebrations and occasions, such as our short New Year greetings video clips. If you start now, you can still make someone smile before 2022.


Have you wondered why countless brands, companies, and professionals are switching to this method? By the time you're through making your animated New Year video, you, too, will learn the advantages. Here's what you'll need to get your project going.


Learn how to create Happy New Year animation videos online


You've got everything you'll need to create an epic New Year video greeting in this featured clip. For this sequence, you can feature your logo animation and a tagline. It has fully customizable layers to personalize your invitation or greeting with images, illustrations, text, footage, and music.


You can also customize the background colors, typography, font style, and more. Don't have a suitable audio track to use? That's OK. All users have access to our online music library, where you can select high-quality songs for your New Year video.


You can click and drag elements to the desired frame with ease. The streamlined interface is the perfect workflow automation solution for faster and more efficient motion graphics rendering results. You won't have much to do except replace the presets since you'll use pre-rendered project files.


Zero motion design skills are required when making New Year fireworks animation!


Let me show you how making animated videos from a template-based editor can simplify everything for you. You'll be able to quickly churn out studio-quality videos on demand, no matter your skill level. There's no learning curve; our expert motion designers have done most of your work.


All you have to do is integrate the pre-rendered After Effects composition into your workflow. With this template, you can seamlessly scale, align, and adjust the pre-defined layers without technical knowledge or skill. Moreover, our template engine provides built-in tools, adjustment controls, and creative graphic assets to achieve the best rendering results.


This alternative works if you're a content creator, internet marketer, or startup looking to maximize your video messaging efforts. It involves just a few simple steps, and you'll have a well-crafted New Year greeting video ready for use anywhere on the web. So, go ahead and choose your favorite template layout to customize.


This pack features placeholders for a logo and five taglines, and you can include images or footage from your last New Year celebration. Lastly, select a suitable song that fits the occasion for eleven seconds of playback. After making all the changes you want, it's time to render and download your project. That's it!


Instantly shareable animated New Year cards


We're in an era where we need to do everything quickly. For that reason, our templates will make things a lot easier for you with our personalized New Year wishes. You can instantly design and share your greeting card on social media or embed it into your website at the tap of a button.


Each template has a lifetime license that allows you to generate multiple versions using the same layout. In a nutshell, this means that you can customize each project to fit your styling preferences and specific business needs. It gives you the creative freedom to add or remove anything from your storyboard.


Make New Year greeting cards to your colleagues, friends, clients, customers, or followers in a snap. Capture milestones, share the team spirit, announce upcoming events, invite everyone to your New Year party, or highlight your company culture in this quick reveal. You can include all this and more to create an exciting video with high-resolution Fireworks graphics in less than 30 minutes.

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