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Create a Video with Cinematic Movie Trailer Template

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With this movie trailer template, you can create a professional-looking trailer or titles video with explosion special effects and fire particles. The video is 50 seconds long, and you can insert a video script with 26 text lines, nine photos or video clips, and a logo at the end.


How to create a movie cinematic trailer? 


First, go ahead and press the button above to open our template video editor. Then you will be able to customize this template with your photos, text, and video clips. After you finish inserting your content on all the parts displayed in the template, you will be able to create and download a free sample video.


Creating a sophisticated animated cinematic reel like this will take serious video editing skills and a team of animators to make it possible.


But don't worry! We've already done the heavy lifting to get you a ready-to-use template. You can use this to create a cinematic movie trailer in no time with our online video editor. Our templates are the best of the best, crafted by the most prolific animators using After Effects, the industry-leading composition and animation software. 


When using customizing this template with our editor, you will notice that you cannot add or remove slides, or insert new graphical elements. This gives more power to you. What you see is what you get, and you can get a fantastic looking video without the need of too much planning or editing. Just fill your text in the placeholders, put your images and logo, and Voila! A professional-looking video in just minutes. 


Give our online video editor a go!


With our online video maker, you can create your promotional video in minutes, ready for uploading on your Youtube channel or your website. Start now; it is free to try! If you like the video, create a FULL HD version in no time and for way less of the cost of producing a professional video by a video studio. 

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