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Make Motion Logo Intro Video Online with After Effects template

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Want to master logo intro without breaking a sweat?


Need help making your first business intro video? Learn how to create the perfect motion logo intro sequence for your videos with zero graphic design expertise. These days, all it takes to turn out highly interactive, professional-looking video content is finding the ideal motion graphics template.


Are you a creator, entrepreneur, or expert looking to accomplish results faster and deliver better production? You can animate your intro online quickly with a pre-rendered After Effects project from our template gallery. In no time, you can string together a high-resolution opening sequence with logo branding like this sample video.


Do you want to learn how to use this template to customize and personalize your logo introduction video? This layout is ideal for company intros for any industry. Editing the layers is a no-brainer.


How to install logo intro motion graphics to your video?


Press Edit to open the built-in template editor. All customization tools and design elements are accessible from the dashboard panel. With the handy drag-and-drop tool, you can quickly enter a catchy slogan to play with your brand logo.


Plus, it allows you to transfer saved images, footage, and media files from any device with ease. Our sophisticated video maker produces high-quality rendering that looks innovative and polished. It brings repeatable automation to your fingertips so you can edit, crop, cut, render, and create your motion graphics project without flexing a muscle.


Now you have our automated render bots to simplify repeatable, time-consuming tasks; you can streamline your day-to-day workflow. It’ll also help you scale your production quickly and sustainably. That way, you can impress your existing and prospective clients with magnificent delivery speeds.


What is the role of motion logo intro in advertising?


This video animation displays your logo during your brand introduction. It focuses on the same objectives as any typical intro video, except it adds some tasteful theatrics to amuse your viewers. Intro videos are generally short, lasting a few seconds to a minute.


Let me show you how easy it is to create your stories with an animated video template. Get viewers to learn about your company or brand, product features, services, offers, and customer benefits. Create an intro video that makes your brand instantly recognizable the moment your content starts playing.


Use our single-click controllers to tweak the graphics, animated components, and design elements. Enhance the aesthetics of your intro video with custom fonts, transitions, color themes, filters, animated text, and branding features. Reuse this template as often as you like to make different variations of the same project for consistency.


Logo intro motion graphics - super easy video making


Motion graphics allow you to combine text, animation, and music to get your point across effectively. Create masterpieces to resell or promote your business. Use creative controls to stylize your intro and take it from start to end in a snap.


  • Design with uniformity and consistency. Our layout provides a well-structured framework for better organization and coherence when making your videos.


  • Rich customization options. Find eye-catching video templates, creative stock assets, and all-you-can-download design elements for your project. Change the image colors, text size, typography, and adjust the video timeline settings.


  • Easy-to-use control panel. Our advanced logo intro maker equips you with a wide range of pre-configured customization tools to make your video look gorgeous. It includes easy-to-follow tutorials so you can complete your projects quickly.


  • Flexibility. You can update your saved projects anytime you like. You'll be able to make these changes easily whether you’re doing this for a client or to meet industry standards.


  • Streamline development and workflow. With our motion graphics video project, you spend less time doing repetitive tasks. Plus, our self-serve template can be a source of inspiration if you have nothing in mind yet.


Download your intro video immediately for a one-time payment or purchase our unlimited monthly subscription. Start now!

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