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Are you searching for a template that can help you create slideshow videos with modern designs? Worry no more because we got you. With our moviemaker online, you can be able to create remarkable slideshows with music.

You can create videos with modern slideshow after-effects with a duration of up to 58 seconds.


Moreover, our slideshow creator has a unique feature that allows you to insert up to 20 video clips, 38 text lines, and even a logo image in your modern photo slideshows. This feature is only available to our template.

Just try out our online slideshow maker and create flawless and top-notch quality videos.


How to create videos using our photo video maker with song


To create modern slideshow videos on the best slideshow maker, you have to follow a few steps, and you will be done.


Step 1: Open up the template window and insert your content in the form of text, pictures, or any other content that you prefer inside the displayed video parts. Preview all the details in the image preview to ascertain their accuracy. 


Step 2:  Add a music track of your choice to the video. You can choose a music track from the variety that we offer on our photo slideshow maker. If none of the music tracks please you, you can add a music track from your computer's hard disc. This is unique to our video collage maker. 


Something else interesting about our photo video maker is that you can change the music track even after the video has been produced. 


Step 3: Produce a free preview video to check whether the video you have created has any errors. The free test video has watermarks and is usually in low quality. However, the quality is usually good enough to check for errors.

Once you are confident that everything is okay, go ahead and produce the Full HD video. In the Full HD video, the watermarks will be removed. 


You can then download the video to your computer. If you do not want that, you can use the embed tool on our video collage maker online to attach the video to your website directly. 


Why choose us


You can create videos using our tool and then resell them. All you have to do is inform us via email to register your account as a reseller.

This will help us ensure that no videos you create using our tool have our name on them. Your customers will, therefore, never know where the videos were from.


It is effortless to create videos on our template. Only a few minutes of your time is required, and you will be all set. Moreover, you do not have to wait until the whole video is produced since we will always email you once the video is ready.

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