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Make AMAZING Glitch Logo Video with After Effects template

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Use a logo intro template to animate your video online!


Can’t think of a compelling video concept for your brand marketing campaign? That’s okay. With a customized template like this Glitch logo animation, you can craft branded intro videos instantly.


Our fast intro video maker is intuitive and doesn’t require installation. You’ll find all the resources you need inside the template folder. It gives you access to user-friendly editing tools, professionally designed graphics, and more.


This prebuilt logo opener lets you build high-quality content with zero creative design skills. Imagine what it would be like to get your hands on this valuable tool. Are you ready to claim this design for your brand? Let’s get started!


Glitch logo intro After Effects animation - easy editing


First, you must get an account. Already have one? Sign in and go to the next step. Once you’re in, choose the design you like and press edit to access the video template dashboard menu.


Now you can customize the graphics with your brand images, footage, and creative media assets using our handy drag-and-drop tool. Plus, it lets you share your company logo and slogan. The total duration of this logo opening sequence is six seconds, just the perfect length to entice viewers and make them curious.


Use our color picking tool to modify the presets and give your background a fresh look. Choose professional typography that suits your brand concept and video design. Effortlessly apply filters, special effects, and transitions to multiple scenes. Leave your brand mark and add a memorable tune to make your intro unforgettable.


Top reasons to get this Glitch logo video template?


Video introductions can help your business generate solid leads, increase audience engagement, and build your brand image. Get this template-based editor to boost your creative potential and bring your concepts to life exactly how you imagined them or even better. Your video project is already partially done, so all you have to do is tweak the settings.


With it, editing won’t take forever because it utilizes auto-render to speed up time-consuming processes. That way, you can wrap things up pretty quickly. Want to know what else it can do? Let me explain some of the perks of using this tool.


  • Limitless creative options to stylize your videos. Experiment with high-end transitions, footage, and music to find your rhythm. Our tool offers a diverse selection of well-designed themes and rich features to make unique videos.


  • Create a distinct brand identity. Every brand needs to be unique. Branding helps you differentiate your business from all the others out there. With this editable video template, you can animate any logo the way you like.


  • Reduced outlays. Video production can cost a lot of money, depending on the approach. If you go with an automated video template like this Glitch logo design, it’ll take you less time and money to achieve impressive results.


  • Preview and save your work. Our video editor saves all the changes automatically, so you can resume working on your incomplete projects any time you want. With real-time previews, you can ensure your final cut is perfect and precise. Make last-minute adjustments if you don’t like the result.


The takeaway


Learn how to design attention-grabbing logo intros that hook the audience right from the start. Create a well-done video intro that communicates all that your brand represents. This versatile video project works for any brand and industry.


You can repurpose the whole video or parts of it for various marketing campaigns. What we’re saying, in a nutshell, is that our templates offer lifetime use. If you’re interested in a cost-friendly high-quality video maker, you’ve just found one.


Start making studio-quality deliverables to resell or publish on your channel, website, and social media. You don’t need a huge budget to get high-quality video production results. Flexible plans are available for one-off projects and large campaigns. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription today.

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