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Create Digital Glitch Logo Reveal Video with Professional Template

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Fast and professional glitch logo animation for business promotion


How do you make a captivating logo reveal video with zero technical or editing skills? It’s pretty simple with high-quality motion graphics templates like this pre-rendered digital glitch logo pack. Imagine what it would be like to breeze through editing and still end up with a well-made professional promo video. 


That’s precisely why we’re offering you the finest automated logo animation generator on the market. Now you can streamline your post-production workflow and do complex editing techniques that often require some expertise. Fully automatic drag-and-drop editor to do all the work for you - no training or creative design experience required.


What do you get inside this professional mockup? Made to simplify your video design process, it features a built-in drag-and-drop online editor with the latest design elements and tools. With this vanishing glitch logo featuring colorful neon blue and pink smoke explosion effect, you can put on a reveal that sticks in the minds of your viewers. Everything you need to infuse mystery into your intro, build suspense, and make your audience eager to learn more is at your fingertips.


How to use a digital glitch logo for brand reveals?


Find the inspiration you need to awaken your artistic side in this glitch logo design. When you open this template, it automatically launches the built-in video maker on your browser. Works as is - no setup or plug-in requirements. Easy-to-navigate intuitive UI design with simple features you can learn and master on the spot.


If you want to make your intro concise, upbeat, and to the point, this six (6) seconds opener will set the stage for you. Whether you have prepared a lengthy script or something brief, this combines eye-catching visuals and animated text to relay your points fervently. Perfect to bring out your brand logo or name for a captivating reveal; this can sum it up with a one-liner that says it all.


Change the background colors and replace all the unwanted presets with your material. Use high-resolution footage and photos to produce the best quality graphics. It has built-in adjustment settings to extend the timeline duration and control the clip speed as needed.


Intelligent controls: adjust glitch logo timeline elements effortlessly


Easy-to-use start and end indicators to set the duration of glitch elements and assort in chronological order. You can move objects to a desired position on the timeline, depending on how long you want to show the scenes. Shorten or stretch the timescale of any sequence, including text layer, short shots, and audio. You can also use this rate stretch feature to repeat frames in slow motion or speed it up to fast-forward scenes.


See what your project looks like after you alter the elements. If the preview doesn’t meet your expectations, continue making changes until you get the perfect version. Let me show you how this design can help achieve the jittery, distorted, edgy, and refined artistic feel you want to emanate from your reveal video.


Experiment with built-in transitions, filters, typography effects, and license-free stocks to give your clip a glitchy unique flair. Save your incomplete project and retrieve it later. Have you finished editing? Download it right away.


The takeaway


Are you wondering if this is right for your brand or business? The first-ever online video-making app that automates editing on your web browser with a preset composition, this low-cost solution works for everyone. Create great-looking professional video advertisements with stylish animated content whether you have some editing experience or none at all.


A minimalist reveal sequence, it uses neutral background color to emphasize the glitch elements and visuals in a non-distracting way. It has a perfectly structured layout to stay on-brand and arrange everything nicely. Feel free to experiment with different styling settings and elements to get the look you envisioned for your branding campaign.


What this means, in a nutshell, is that you can try different font styles and change the background colors. While you can download a low-quality clip with a watermark for free, this might not be how you want to present your brand. Alternatively, you can pay per video download or purchase our unlimited monthly subscription for the HD version. Subscribe to get unlimited high-resolution Mp4 video downloads and remove watermark branding.

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