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Make Fast Logo Intro Video Online with After Effects template

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Make a fast youtube promo intro with after effects template

Imagine what it would be like seeing your youtube channel thriving because of a captivating fast typography intro? It not only shows professionalism but can also make your video content extremely valuable to the viewers. This template lets you turn your business into a successful brand with a high-quality video on the after-effects template.

Thanks to this video template, whether you're promoting or advertising your products on YouTube, we guarantee quicker results with a tailor-made youtube intro. What makes it the perfect fit for your brand is that you can make your video in minutes by inserting up to thirty-six video clips, twelve text lines, and a logo image. The video creation process is direct since you only need to create a short video of up to eleven seconds.

However, to ensure that your video is as engaging as possible, there are crucial things to keep in mind. The first thing is to mix and match your content with a wide range of transitions and effects to make your video pleasing to watch from the beginning to the end. Did you know that video content gets shared ten times more on social media platforms than text and images, meaning that you have an opportunity of standing out from the crowd?

Tips for creating fast intro videos

Tell a story

For your videos to have better reception, they must have a story to tell. Whether it's a 15-second video or a one-minute ad, you need to tell your story to capture your audiences' attention. Here's is an example of several story structures that are easy to master.

Let's assume that you want to show your audience an event that occurred; for example, if it's a wedding, all you need to do is describe events in the order they happened. If you want to promote a product and sell it, you can summarize the viewer's problem and clarify your product's solution. Telling a story through your video works effortlessly, whether promoting an event or marketing a product.

Keep your text short

When creating a video, we advise using very few words so that you can let your video clips do the talking. Keep your typography short and precise but don't limit yourself; you can always include essential information such as your social media handles or contact details.

Fortunately, the above template comes with a suggested number of text lines to assist you in staying within your limits.

Make your video appealing

It's always a good feeling watching a thrilling video. Our YouTube intro creator gives you several options to ensure your video is charming. For instance, it has inbuilt editing tools such as the color and font features that you can use to tailor-made your video as you desire.

The template also has a list of copyright-free music tracks that you can add to your video to give it a distinctive taste. If you wish, you can also upload one from your collection. Let's assume you run a startup business; it's essential to have a professional and high-quality video so that you can elevate your brand.


With social media, video marketing is becoming a norm for almost every business. Various companies are making a lot of revenue due to marketing their videos online. You, too, can make this work for your brand if you make an outstanding video using this template.

What's even more fulfilling is that you can make your video in the comfort of your home. In case you're wondering, our prices are relatively affordable.

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