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Create a Wedding Slideshow Video With Photos and Music
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With this wedding video template, you can create a nice looking slideshow video for displaying your wedding photos and video clips with music. You can insert up to 19 photos of video clips and 8 text paragraphs, for a total video duration of 1 minute and 28 seconds.

How to create a wedding slideshow video? Just press the button above to edit this video template online with our wedding video maker. Our online video maker is fast and super easy to use, no video editing skills are required to create a professional wedding video.

After customizing the template with our online video editing tool, your video will be generated in a few minutes, and be ready for download and uploading to Youtube, Facebook or other websites and shared with your loved ones.

Looking for a low cost way of creating a nice wedding slideshow video with music? Try our video creator free of charge. If this template is not exactly what you are looking for, we also have templates for save the date wedding invitations.

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