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Make Colorful Light Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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Easy-peasy business branding using colorful light logo reveal


Have a business you wish to advertise? Video marketing offers flexible mediums to promote whatever you want to as effectively as you can. Doing a company logo reveal is one of the ways to do this and can be quite rewarding if done correctly.


That's why your enterprise needs the best graphic design toolkit the market has to offer - ready-made After Effects templates. Have you ever found yourself protesting about the prices agencies and motion designers charge for custom ads lately? Try this custom light logo intro reveal from our collection for an unbeatable low price.


Special effects and animation are already in place. Easy, point-and-click customization to create animated logo reveals for your business in mere minutes. Get an up-to-the-minute industry-standard design that shows your brand is moving with the times.


Editing this colorful logo reveal animation is easy - After Effects template


Let's first open this video project. Scroll to the bottom of this demo: you'll see a button "edit this template and make a video," press it. The online editor will launch on your web browser, and you can insert your new assets for processing.


Upload your company logo design (1 image), text (1 line), saved photos, or video clips for 10 seconds playback. Remember to use high-resolution media files for better clarity and crisp, clean display. Elevate your creativity with this predefined logo animation template. Effective use of color psychology in branding can influence human perception on a subconscious level.


So, incorporate distinctive design elements, use color combinations, stylized fonts, and text expressions that go well with your brand. Finally, you've added personalized branding and music, hit render to produce your video. Fast auto-rendering at lighting speed with our native video maker speeds up delivery so you can increase work volume. Preview your project in real-time and download the finished HD intro (no watermark, Mp4) video if it meets your expectations.


Simple light logo intro design for business branding?


The evolution of logotypes blurs the lines of what a well-made design looks like in modern advertising. Let me explain where many designers go wrong: thinking uniqueness means making complex movement patterns alone. However, designing well-made logos isn't just that.


Interestingly, logo animation can be simple yet move so intricately while communicating with the audience; it's unforgettable. Mind you, some of these are stylish and lighten hearts with artistic visual puns, but not quite a winner. Ideally, a cleverly crafted logo design effortlessly captures our attention, entertains, and imprints on us, all while translating key brand messages.


What matters is that your logo accurately defines your company or brand identity and makes a lasting impact on potential customers. An impactful logo animation will help them remember your brand and eventually lead to second, third, and more visits. Explore our logo animation and intro category for creative design ideas.


Stay on-brand with this light logo reveal


Your logo is the MVP (most valuable player) of your reveal. It should have these four essential features to be effective:

  • Use your company name, letters, or an icon.
  • Authentic branding elements. Your logo design should unequivocally define your brand, business values, philosophy, personality, and express differentiation, and highlight consumer benefits.
  • Appropriate styling. Choose typography and stylized text that fits your brand well.
  • Choose relevant colors. Preferably incorporate colors that mean something to your company or brand.


The takeaway


Branded videos help businesses improve their digital footprint, develop a visual identity, reinforce key messages and boost consumer engagement. One way to cut video-making costs and still produce high-quality ads is to invest in editable After Effects templates. This handy resource will help you reach your business advertising goals faster.


It beats hiring motion design artists and agencies because you'll get results right away and invest less money. Choose a plan that suits your budget and work volume. Simple, step-by-step customization, no prior editing experience required.


Easy downloads for an affordable one-time fee or pay monthly. No restrictions; create all kinds of promotional videos for your business. But don't just take my word for it; purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to unlock premium features and cost savings.

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