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Create a Colorful Liquid Paint Logo Reveal Animation Video

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The template has a colorful animation that reveals the logo with liquid paint special effects. Paint colors fall together to blend colors, and your logo is displayed at the end. The animation looks excellent and clean and suits almost any business's advertising.

How to animate your logo with colorful liquid paint?

The animation was done in Cinema4d software and pre-rendered for use in the After Effects template. It looks like many large drops of paint form a single sphere, revealing a logo. The white background emphasizes all the colors used in this colorful animation.

However, if the users wish to match the sphere's colors with their logo, they can do so. This will look like a logo was formed from the paint.

Where to use a professional logo reveal?

Today, many people hold YouTube or Facebook channels, posting things like their achievements and traveling to exciting places on Earth. Others own an online business and try to make a living like that.

In other words, today's internet is used for many things where people can reach others quickly and spread the information they need. Most use advertising videos to promote their services, products, or achievements. If you run an online school or curriculum, you most likely have an entire section on tutorial videos.

To identify who made the video and who is proposing a product to you, people use a short logo-reveal video at the end or the beginning of the full video. It's where our video editor software comes to help.

With its powers, you can make a great-looking logo reveal intro video for your needs in a matter of minutes. An HD quality file you'll get after paying a small one-off fee or buying our monthly subscription can be used with any other videos as you wish.

How great is our online video editor?

Our team worked hard and created a great online tool for creating advertising videos. It is advanced software capable of producing professional videos at fast and affordable prices. Even knowing that it's a sophisticated tool, it's designed to be used by anyone without any experience in video editing.

If we take, for example, this template, you'll have to upload your logo file, pick the colors of animated paints, and insert your business's web address. The whole thing will take around 3-4 minutes, and our video editor will render a sample video for you to review before buying it.

If you're happy with what you've seen in the sample video, you can buy an HD-quality one or keep a sample one for free. However, it will not be possible to use it for professional advertising due to its watermarks and low quality.

If you're a business owner looking to make a decent ad for the online promotion of your product or services, you will need an HD video file for it. Our video editor can produce one for you to meet your needs.

No need to wait any longer! Press the button above to start making a masterpiece of great animation. We're sure the result will fully meet your needs and hope you'll return to us to do more videos soon.
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