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Make Glowing Butterfly Logo Video in Minutes with After Effects Template

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What can you do to improve your brand logo reveal right now?


In this digital age, creating promotional videos is easier than ever. All your company needs is a high-quality template like this glowing butterfly logo reveal clip. Just imagine what it would be like to unveil your brand or update your logo design with this cleverly crafted animation.


If you don’t have any experience making branded marketing ads for your company, that won’t be a problem. This pack contains pre-rendered graphics that you can customize to fit your brand. You can make all the changes on the spot with our sophisticated built-in video creator app.


Our template-based editor has a powerful auto-render engine to streamline repetitive tasks like cutting, cropping, and so forth. That means you can focus on the creative design aspect of things. Moreover, our automated plug-and-play template has rich customization tools and design elements to tweak the settings.


How to install this colorful butterfly logo reveal animation?


Register for a free online account or log in to create branded videos. Watch the clip from start to finish, then click Edit if you’d like to use this theme. The editor will launch right on your web browser, so you don’t have to install any plugins or extensions.


Just follow the step-by-step tutorial, and you’ll be fine. It lets you display your logo with your slogan for 12 seconds. Adjust the timeline settings to speed up or slow down specific scenes and add a sound to create an immersive effect.


Quickly apply impressive transitions, filters, and animated features to create seamless cuts between scenes. Our templates use simple drag-and-drop operations to make video editing easy and fun for everyone. Plus, it does all the rendering automatically, so you’ll have more time to do some creative work.


Grab their attention instantly with a glowing butterfly logo reveal


Let me show you how adding this eye-catching logo animation can build your brand image. When you use animated logotypes, you can be as innovative, original, and creative as you want to be when presenting your brand. Use it to evoke different emotions in your ideal audience and clients.


So let me point out the top four advantages of using logo animation in your brand unveiling videos:


  • Increase brand awareness. Dynamic motion graphics are easier to remember and comprehend. So if you make highly interactive logo reveals, you’ll have viewers attentive and hooked in a matter of seconds.


  • Improve storytelling. The stories you tell about how your brand or company must be inspiring. You can put your context into motion to give a detailed yet concise and entertaining version of what happened.


  • Originality. It might surprise you to see how much of a difference adding some motion to your logo design can make. So if you’re looking to give your brand logo design a unique look and feel, try a template.


  • Show professionalism and consistency. Customers generally gravitate towards companies that embrace innovation and future-forwardness. It brings a lot of attention your way and distinguishes your company as an expert in your respective industry.




Logo reveal videos can be an effective branding tool when used as intended. Companies have been using this technique to build recognition and attract attention to their brands. Until recently, brands were spending thousands to make the perfect video content, but not anymore. With pre-rendered After Effects templates, you can get results faster for less.


Customizable video templates are cost-effective, repeatable, and easy to use. In a nutshell, this will help your team create compelling video content that hooks them at hello communicate your ideas effectively. All the videos you make are instantly downloadable in full HD (Mp4 format) if you want the best quality footage.


You can publish your video on YouTube and anywhere on the web without any trouble. Are you a reseller? Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to maximize profitability and take your video production business to the next level.

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