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Make Animated Torn Paper Slideshow Video with Text and Music

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What is the best slideshow maker? Invest in this torn paper template!


Nobody has time for wordy reports and lengthy explanations anymore (except the situation calls for it). Be that as it may, you must promote your business effectively. With all the technology innovations reshaping digital advertising, every brand should be tapping into these resources.


Frankly, videos are a trendy commodity. If you market your assets strategically, it’ll do a lot more than catching a prospect’s eye. What’s the secret ingredient to ensure your presentations make a splash? Choose content that reflects your brand persona, style and define its identity.


Since we already know video drives multi-channel engagement, your job is to find a format that suits your project. Do you want to learn how to make a slideshow with text and music for your advertising campaign? I have fantastic news!


How to turn a bunch of photos into a slideshow with text and music instantly?


Whether you’re doing this for recreational reasons or business advertising, our torn paper video template is an asset. Use this retro theme to improve the texture of your background. Insert your accompanying music and creative text to engage your intended prospects.


Create a memorable branded logo animation that imprints on your audience immediately. That way, they’ll easily recognize your logo and associate it with a positive experience. Let me explain how you can put videos and pictures together with music to make a high-converting slide.


Organize your project assets: logo image (1), import saved photos or footage (25), an audio file, and text (34 lines). Click edit template to merge all your media and cut a visually captivating 46 seconds slideshow. Then replace each preset on the layered frame with the content you intend to use. The built-in animator software will start cutting and rendering your custom project once you fill all the fields.


Increase the lifetime value of your slideshows with this torn page image!


Are you pitching to investors? Consider using a high-quality slideshow to explain your startup idea or expansion plans. It’ll improve the structure of your presentation and add professional-looking visual aids.


Have you always wanted to communicate your stories with powerful audiovisual concepts? With this classic animated paper slideshow, you can frame everything together perfectly in a video. It’s the simplest way to share information about your services, company, and products while building credibility. 

As long as you have these two elements: engaging visuals and a convincing story, you’ll succeed in marketing. Your chances of improving customer retention and attracting new leads increases when you use a slide. And trust me, creators who publish quality content are unforgettable.


Make an audiovisual slideshow and stop bombarding your audience with a wall of text!


A creative slide that utilizes audiovisual elements like images, animation, text, illustrations, and music will trigger positive emotions. It’ll also improve your content rank in SERPS. These advertisements are easier to watch and persuasive, thereby increasing consumer engagement.

If you’re working with a tight advertising budget and have limited technical knowledge, I highly recommend making a slideshow ad. Let me outline some of the principal benefits of using this video marketing tool.


  • It will help your business attract new prospects.


  • Improve your video presentation.


  • It is an affordable alternative to traditional marketing videos.


  • Prepare exciting presentations that provide value and make a lasting first impression on viewers.


  • You can share your slideshows on multiple platforms easily.




In our modern digital age, personalizing your brand to make it more recognizable is a crucial step to build your image. Add a uniquely crafted slideshow to showcase all your products at once. If your promo videos look and feel like every other brand, it reduces your chance of converting your target audience.


Changing background images, text colors, fonts, music, and selecting transitions is super easy with a tailor-made template. Want to find out more about using our customizable marketing slides? Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription.



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