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Make Amazing Logo Animation Video with After Effects template

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Where can I find a decent video maker app to animate my logo? 


Have you ever wondered why videos are so easy to watch? Scientists say our brain processes moving objects faster than still (static) images. When our eyes see motion, we can’t help but look and revel in the experience.


Now that explains everything, after seeing how animation gives static logotypes a whole new purpose and meaning. That’s incredible! Nobody would imagine that adding color, sound, personality, and movement to a motionless logo could be this transformative.


Having realized that logo animation can be a powerful influencer, advertisers are intentionally converting static images. How it communicates, narrates your story, increases social engagement, defines your purpose, and reinforces your brand identity is second to none. Can I animate my logo online and make a business promo video? Absolutely, and this prebuilt After Effects template will help you design the most mesmerizing logo intro advertisement.


How do I animate my logo in this app?


Here’s how you make a 10 seconds logo intro trailer in under 30 minutes. Watch the preview to get an idea of what the layout looks like before you edit this template. If this theme doesn’t hit home, hop on over to our gallery for more options. Once you find the perfect video project, hit edit to launch the automated animator.


Drop your company logo (1 image) and text (1 line) on the editable layers. You can easily import your saved photos, videos, and audio file to the template. Change the images, text, and colors of the base theme to portray your brand’s uniqueness.


Our sophisticated video generator renders and animates your scenes automatically. Navigation is pretty decent because of its easy-to-use, intuitive interface. You can be an absolute novice and still manage to piece together a stellar logo animation trailer for business advertising.


What do I need to know before I animate my logo online?


Do you have a clear direction and purpose for your video? By now, you should’ve established: who your target audience is, the message you want to share, your goals, and decide what your CTA will be. Let me show you how crucial it is to choose an animated video style that suits your business needs.


Logo video animation gives your brand a competitive edge over websites that don’t use this technique. However, your chances of getting impressions dwindle when you take the wrong approach. Two and three-dimensional animation are the creams of the crop.

With this marketing model, businesses can make stronger emotional connections with their target audience by simulating true-to-life motion scenes. Typography videos utilize a combination of expressive text forms, motion graphics, sound effects, and music to hold viewers’ attention. Whereas data-orientated explainers like whiteboards and infographics are ideal for lead generation but also raise brand awareness.


Do I have to buy software to make my logo animated?


Nope. Our complete video animation solution provides access to advanced do-it-yourself resources to help designers create clickable visual content. Within the prebuilt AE composition file, you’ll find a range of assets to use at your disposal.


In a nutshell, it’s like a blueprint; guiding your steps to design a well-structured video that answers consumers’ burning questions. It’ll help you tell your story authentically, creatively, and quickly. Get your logo to do anything you want - bounce, rotate, flip, rise, or fade in and out.


We offer a standard subscription that allows you to animate any video template and download or export a low-resolution copy. If you become a premium subscriber, you’ll gain access to more tools to help your startup succeed in video marketing. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and never pay ridiculous prices for custom animated logo rebranding again.

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