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Make Water Ripple Animated Logo Intro Video with AE template

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Our advanced logo intro maker will help you dominate brand marketing on a tight budget!


Hey, brand advertisers! Learn how to make an intro video in minutes with this Water Ripple Animated Logo After Effects template. Imagine what it would be like to use this high-end theme for your brand promotion campaign. Professionalism is one of the things consumers appreciate when choosing a brand. If you want, this professional Water Ripple logo can be yours.


It is customizable, so you can give it your creative touch to make it look and feel authentic. You can include your company or brand logo (1 image) and slogan (1 text). The design is versatile and scalable. It will look impressive in all contexts and preserve rich visuals. Leverage it for your marketing strategies and watch your statistics hit a breakthrough.


The best brand introduction videos are concise yet detailed enough to leave your audience fulfilled. Our premade video intro is ideally brief (only 10 seconds long). You’re probably wondering if this project will cost you a substantial investment. Let me assure you that the cost of making this is nothing close to what you pay for traditional studio-produced animation.


Where to find the best After Effects templates?


Finding logo animation and video creation services is no longer challenging because of the online gallery revolution. Yes, there’s a market where animators and motion graphics designers exhibit logo art themes. Our platform is a leading vendor of contemporary logo animation designs that empower small businesses. 


We offer a complete customization and video creation solution that is second to none. With our help, businesses, internet marketers, and brand influencers can sustainably achieve their advertising goals. How is this possible? Whether you’ve had futile dealings with mainstream digital marketing agencies or not, you will find our solution beneficial.


The creatively designed Ripple Logo you see here is perfect for brand or company introductions. It is only 10 seconds long. Just insert your branded logo (1) and text line (1) for instant customization. Our easy-to-use online animator is fast, efficient, and automated. With it, you won’t experience downtime and delays that can cripple production output.


What makes our animated logo After Effects template worth it?


Today, we see animated logos representing businesses everywhere, but do you know the characteristics of an effective design? The animators and motion graphics experts we are working with to bring you these brilliant themes are veterans. So you can trust our ability to deliver the best industry-standard logo animation templates for your brand. Let me explain how we achieve ideal quality assurance in every design.


  • Compose a consistent, cohesive design format. Our templates trigger different moods that stimulate the senses and help your audience form an emotional connection. For example, we have visuals that incite high energy and even express humor. We use the correct colors and design elements to represent these emotions.


  • Keep video segments concise and precise. One of our topmost priorities when designing our animated water intro logos is organization. Each of our templates has an outline that you can follow so your video will never be off-topic, monotonous, and unnecessarily lengthy.


  • Dynamic motion graphics. Creativity shines through every animated icon, letter, and design element you see neatly presented on our video intro templates. Our templates are the liveliest you’ll ever come across because of our intelligent color choices, font style selection, and dancing design elements. The uniqueness of our colorful logo themes is one of the main attractions. Your audience won’t dare ignore your branded logo animation ever.




What a branded logo animation offers is steps ahead of image-only and static variants. Leveraging market-leading animation techniques like After Effects, we can ease your stress and worries about designing perfect branded logo intros. Our logo intro maker produces videos faster than the average hired hand. It is cheaper, more reliable, and gives you total control over your design process.


Furthermore, you don’t have to be an expert motion graphics artist or animation extraordinaire to make intro videos that yield high returns. Try our concept! You don’t need any extras, just a catchy script to immortalize your branded water logo. It is a lucrative investment opportunity that can help you create passive income cash flow.


Do you manage a boutique online video advertising startup or want to establish one, consider purchasing our unlimited monthly subscription. It can help you launch a successful, profitable business model that is cost-efficient and scalable.


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