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Make Ancient Book Logo Intro Video with After Effects Template

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With this Ancient Book Logo template, you can make an intro video in minutes with After Effects. Do you specialize in ancient cultures and history? Whether you are a historian, an explorer, enthusiast, or influencer promoting your brand, this template will give your video that extra flair. The hype about logo animation would make anyone think it’s of this timeline. However, its commercial success predates this time if you check this article.


Although logos back in those days served businesses well, differentiating and distinguishing their brand offerings, centuries later, it’s doing a lot more. In our modern digital age, brands wrestling for the limelight must find innovative ways to capture our shrinking attention span and overcome ever-growing global competition. And, animated intro videos provide the ideal venue to showcase brand logo design and features in an artistic way.


Whether you advertise on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or use another social media platform to promote your company, you need the best visuals. If you don’t know how to make a YT intro or lack video editing skills, it can be somewhat intimidating. Fret not. Our free intro and outro maker has everything you need to create engaging opener videos.


How to make an animated video with book logo reveal After Effects


Let me explain how you customize our ready-to-use book logo animation template in a few simple steps. It’s not complicated. Our automated editor is virtually hands-on and fun. In no time, you will learn your way around it.


1. Register for an account. You can use your email or Google. And, no, registration won’t cost you anything.

2. Log in to your account. Sometimes, it signs you in automatically.

3. Click the Make a Video button at the top of the page. It will take you to our virtual template library.

4. Pick any template that inspires you. It will open the video editor.

5. Start editing. Follow the on-screen instructions to customize each placeholder.

6. Add your media. If you select this ancient book template for your intro, you can upload up to four text lines (4) and a logo (1). The final product will be 11 seconds long.

7. Once you fill in all the layers, our editor will do the rest. The maximum waiting time is 30 minutes.


With our auto-generated animated templates, you don’t have to worry about having a poor-quality logo that overshadows your design. It takes care of coordination, so your project will have a cohesive format and style. If you follow our guidelines, you will create a masterpiece with vibrant visuals, entertaining audio, and consumable content.


Making the best book intro animation After Effects videos


How can you brainstorm visual content that intrigues viewers whose attention span declines in a wink? Your first impression matters. While using our intro video creator software to make your opening trailers online, consider these guidelines. It will help you optimize the quality of your content for your target audience.


  • Apply consistent formatting in your intro and outro logo videos. Think of thought-provoking, powerful or hilarious statements to tell your brand story. Consider your business goals. Whether your trailer is to supplement a live marketing presentation or product demonstration, you should introduce your brand. Although your logo is an essential visual element, it shouldn’t be distracting. So, keep the design subtle to avoid drowning out your focal point - your message.


  • Use the correct file formats. Take care to upload compatible logo video files. For example, choose formats like GIF, PNG, and JPG. PNG tends to maintain its quality after decompression and compression, which makes it an ideal choice. It can display dense colors as well. 


  • Go for shades and tints. If you have limited experience working with colors, opt for shades and color tints. It will increase color visibility from all angles.
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