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Create Your Own Action Movie Titles or Trailer Video

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This movie trailer template, let you easily create your own movie titles. It's perfect for your high intensity, fast action movie trailers, promos, or motion graphics. The duration is 57 seconds and you can use 6 video clips or photos, and up to 36 text lines.

Make a Movie Title

It's very easy and affordable to create a movie title using our template video editor. You just have to follow a couple of simple steps. To begin with, pick a template or if you like this one, press the button above to customize it. Our web app will open and you'll see the video production dashboard.

The second step is to edit the template graphics and replace the existing content with your own. Just go through all the parts and preview the rendered images. That's it, you've done most of the work. Now just produce the free video and if you would like to make use of the video, you have to pay for producing the Full HD video.

You have the option for paying per video a one-time value (price displayed above), or you can subscribe for a low monthly price and you'll be able to produce as many Full HD videos you want, with any of our amazing video templates.

Movie Titles Maker

These days, many people are looking for ways to make some extra money or start a new business, and we've got a great opportunity for you. As a subscriber, you'll have a professional movie titles maker and video production service at your disposal, making it possible for you to resell the videos for upwards $100 dollars or more, depending on your skills as a seller and as a video producer. Many people and companies from all over the world are doing just that and I can tell you, they are killing it.
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