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Make a movie trailer faster and cheaper than you ever imagined!


Do you want to make movie trailers but do not feel confident enough to do it yourself? It’s not as difficult as you think. We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Start with this easy-to-use video template and discover how simple making a cinematic movie trailer online can be. Stitch it together in a matter of minutes.


In this video project, you’ll find everything to cut your trailer, including pre-rendered background footage with text, images, and logo placeholders. This drag-and-drop video editor with cutting-edge built-in features is all you need to piece together your trailer video in three (3) simple steps.


It’s 1 minute, and 6 seconds long, holds 24 texts and 17 video clips, and even lets you add a professional logo design. Getting started is pretty simple. So, do you want to learn how to start making movie trailers? Here we go:


How to make a movie trailer online: 1-2-3 easy steps


No need to start with a blank canvas anymore - find inspiration in this template. Professionally designed for movie trailer-style editing, this ready-made template pack comes fully loaded with customizable background footage. Start by importing your media, including video material and the best shots from your film.


Next, you can adjust the preset video settings and add personalized branding elements. Effortlessly alter the fonts, colors, and styles to fit your brand needs. If you want to make it more interactive and entertaining, consider tying in the visuals with an impressive movie trailer audio. You may use music from your catalog or explore our vast royalty-free tracks online.


On top of that, you can create fancy movie titles and text with our built-in typography features. Use the preview panel to see everything coming together in real time. Oops, want to fix something before you download your trailer video? No problem; you can update the parts easily without spoiling everything. Export, download, or embed your finished video on a streaming platform like YouTube with one click.


Tie in your movie trailer story with unforgettable background music


Let’s dig a little deeper to understand the purpose of background music in promo trailers. Most importantly, it helps convey the intended emotions you want viewers to feel when watching your film. The soundtrack also complements the film trailer and shapes viewer expectations.


This pre-built template design lets you compellingly explain your film using the standard three-act story model. With this, you can skip the pre-production stage because it has a framework to help you assemble all the parts.

Once you’ve added all the relevant images and footage, you can tie in the music. Craft the musical elements around your movie trailer video to give your visuals and story context. We make it so easy to loop the soundtrack with your trailer so that it can inspire and excite the audience.


Save this customized trailer template and reuse it for future feature film projects or advertising campaigns. No installation is required - launch this online template editor on your web browser and start making trailers immediately.

Plus, this fully automated app with built-in customizable workspace and features lets you work at your own pace on your computer. It’s that simple, but don’t just take my word for it; sign up and make a trailer for free.


The takeaway


Making movie trailers this way is simple and cost-effective. We’ve made it super easy for anyone to use still images and footage they have on hand to make high-value trailer videos. When you want to learn how to make a trailer video fast, look no further than this pre-designed template.


Any template you buy offers a lifetime license. Therefore, you can reproduce as many versions of this design as possible. It’s affordable, sustainable, repeatable, and scalable for making trailer videos in large volumes. Are you an independent filmmaker, content creator, or marketer looking to improve product value?


You’ve found the perfect system to get the results you want. Affordable and flexible plan options to meet any budget. When you finish making your trailer, you can pay to download the high-resolution HD version or purchase our unlimited monthly plan.

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