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Make Professional 3D Promo Video with After Effects template

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Try This Online Promo Maker To Create High-converting Animated Videos

Forbes says 64 percent of potential consumers who watch product videos may buy. Can we talk about how it influences our mobile-centric society? The consumption rate for mobile users is impressive (100 percent yearly based on YouTube data). OK, I know what you're thinking: you need to level up your video marketing strategy. Do you want to learn how to make a promo video that will drive sales for your business?

Great news! You are minutes away from learning how to do it for less and faster. Hey, this is your chance to create a powerful video that educates your audience and strengthens your sales angle. What is your reward? You will convert more leads as it influences a steady flow of organic traffic. Let me explain how our 3D video editor works:

How to make a video for business promotion in minutes


First, let me assure you that your days of spending long hours creating promotional videos will be history. Yes, we have automated the process for you. Click the Edit Template and Make a Video Button to get started.

Wait, get these items before you begin editing your project: logo images (2), text lines (14), and video clips (8 maximum). What amount of impact can a 43 seconds video generate? Discover how our 3D video maker can improve your visual content production experience.

Are you an influencer, marketer, or business promoting your brand(s) on Instagram? We know that outsourcing your video-making projects to hired hands or a consulting firm can be expensive. However, using a template to create your 3D promo ads can shrink your video production investment.

Top benefits of using this template to make Instagram videos

Cost reduction is the most exciting benefit to take advantage of here. Yes, it is. And the others are a bonus.

Cost-friendly promotional video production that you can resell. Even resellers are learning to make short marketing videos for business promotion to cut production costs. If this is you, you can unlock our premium subscription benefits to retain your reseller rights for a low monthly fee. In addition, we offer video footage exclusives and unlimited service solutions to help you maximize profitability.

Premade templates have stunning graphics that will attract the right target audience. Your viewers will stay around longer, if not forever. Don't worry about customization limitations. Whether you bring your sound effects or use exclusive music, we do not limit your creative inspiration.

Simple method. No video editing experience? No problem. You can still use our promo video creator. It is one of the most intuitive video editors you will encounter online. Our process is so straightforward you will feel like a master. Plus, our competitive subscription packages offer various services to simplify how you make video commercials.


How fast can you make a promo video for an event?

Get your ideal video in just 30 minutes. Thanks to our practical approach, making short videos to promote your brand is a breeze. Plus, you have tons of templates at your fingers. Choose the style that best suits your taste, event, and budget. Remember to organize your materials beforehand. Oh, did you forget? Let me remind you: of video clips, logo images, and text lines.

Finally, you can select your template and start editing your video. High-resolution video clips produce the best visuals, so keep that in mind when uploading your files. The same rules apply even if you are making a video for a casual event.

We offer reasonable payment options depending on your video promotion needs. And our modest fees are nowhere near the thousands professional studios charge. Phew. You can subscribe for a monthly premium or pay for each video you create.

In a nutshell, this is a remarkable web-based video editor to use if you value studio-quality content. Are you interested in reselling the animated videos you create for profit? You can manage multiple video editing projects without breaking a sweat.

Now that you've discovered this cost-saving solution, you add a touch of magic to your masterpieces. Your search for affordable video-producing and hosting service ends here. Learn how our unlimited subscription can help you succeed. 

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