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Make 3D Gold Coin Flip Logo Intro Video - After Effects template

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Introduce your cryptocurrency brand using a flip coin logo reveal


Many people are still in doubt about adopting and even investing in cryptocurrency. However, you can arouse their interest by creating captivating and convincing logo animations. As a matter of fact, a flip coin intro is a perfect tool to convince your audience to buy into the idea of cryptocurrency regardless of the doubts they may have.


The 3d gold coin logo idea is attractive and eye-catching, and therefore, it grabs people's attention quickly. Furthermore, the logo intro entails a beautiful gold coin that moves about the video display parts, revealing your logo interestingly. Best of all, the logo intro makes your target audience think more about cryptocurrency, and in this way, it is easier for them to buy into the idea.


Results from a previous study show that animation is a beautiful alternative in presenting a point. People rarely pay keen attention to written text, but they get interested when a great animation is used. However, it is not easy to achieve an excellent logo reveal animation without having access to a good video production company and superior video production services. However, this should not worry you because we are the best, and we got you covered. 


Benefits of 3D Gold Coin Toss Video Intros on Cryptocurrency Video Presentations

1. A 3D coin flip is appealing.


Have you ever wondered why people rarely read written text but watch videos most times, if not all the time? It turns out that the human mind is inclined to interesting and exciting things instead of dull ones. As such, logo intro animations take the win because they have colorful designs that are pleasant sights to look at. By using them, you are therefore sure to have your target audience's undived attention.

2. It is easy for you to share coin toss videos on various social networks.


We are in a digital era where technology is changing day in, day out. Most people all over the world spend a considerable amount of their time surfing the internet and communicating. This has made the online space a market stronghold. To capitalize on this to your advantage, all you need is to create social accounts for your brand to post information about it. Once the information is on the social platforms, people can then share it effortlessly, which increases the chances of getting new customers and making more sales.


How to create flip coin videos using our intro video creator software

1. Insert your logo image


Finding a template to do the animation work for you is liberating and convenient. But first, you need to do your part in elevating that animation by inserting your brilliant logo of choice. Pick a logo style that tells an inspiring story about your brand and one that interests your audience more.

2. Use an exciting music track. 


Dynamic animations bring better impact when paired with captivating music tracks. It does not have to be a solid rock, but it has to invite other senses beyond the eye. You can use the soundtracks available on our video editor or upload your favorite songs from your device if none of the music tracks available on our logo intro maker meet your requirements.

3. Produce a stunning full HD video intro


Once you are confident that your video is flawless and are satisfied with your music selection, produce your logo video animation in Full HD. All you need to do is pay the small fee displayed on the template headline and have your video produced in Full HD within minutes. The price you see above is a one-time payment that gives you unlimited access to mp4 quality videos with no watermarks.


With the Full HD video in your possession, you can then download it to your device in various sizes and formats or use the embed code option to upload it directly on various social networks.


Our video ad template is very flexible, and you can use it to create simple logo animations for your brand regardless of its size. In addition, you can use this video template to create logo reveals for education institutions, business corporations, and even YouTube channels that mainly focus on cryptocurrencies. Try it out now free of charge and get to create fantastic quality videos throughout the month and at pocket-friendly prices.

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