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What Is TikTok Now App? The Definitive Guide

When the new TikTok app came on board, everybody on social media wondered what it was. I mean, since we already have a fully functioning TikTok app, what's this newbie on the block for?

Many users say this standalone TikTok app reminds them of the Popular French social app, BeReal. Whether or not the TikTok Now app is TikTok's version of said app or a unique innovation, we'll leave it to you to decide.

But, if you're among the people who recently stumbled across the latest TikTok offering, and you're wondering, "What is TikTok Now?" look no further because this definitive guide answers all your questions clearly and succinctly.

We'll show you what you need to know about this standalone mobile app from TikTok and how you and your TikTok mutual friends can make the most of it and have fun in the coming weeks. Without wasting time, let's jump right into it.

What Is TikTok Now?

This recently popular platform is a separate mobile app created by TikTok that allows TikTok users and their friends on the app to capture their most authentic moments with their front and back camera.

Every day on the app, you get a daily prompt at the exact moment as your friends. Then you take a static photo or video (10 seconds long) and post it for the broader TikTok Now community to view. Like disappearing Instagram Stories, you can only see your TikTok Now updates for a short period. Also, you can only see other TikTok Nows after you have posted your daily photo.

Although TikTok Now is a standalone mobile app, it's also accessible within the TikTok app. However, accessibility to the TikTok Now app is determined based on a user's region. Many US users can access the feature on both the TikTok Now app and the regular TikTok app, while some in other areas outside the US can only access it on the separate app and not the main TikTok app.

To access TikTok Now, you should be 13 years old minimum. In some other countries, the allowed age is 14 years. People aged 13 to 15 years will also have commenting options limited to protect them from unwarranted interactions.

If you're above the age of 18 will also not be able to share your comments on the Explore feed for the same reason as above. Users 18 and above have a maximum of 3 minutes to post, tracked by a timer. Users between the ages of 13 and 17 can take a static photo or capture a video experience without the timer.

How to Use the TikTok Now App

This application is no different in function from the TikTok Now feature on the main app. Despite functioning as a standalone app, it still has the Explore feed that TikTok users are familiar with, so you don't have to learn any new features.

However, you should know that the Now feed is linked to your existing TikTok account, so there is no need to create a new TikTok account if you already have one. You can log in with your regular details and enjoy the same TikTok content.

If you're not a TikTok user, or you're unable to access TikTok Now on the main app, download TikTok Now and create an account to get started.

4 Steps to Gain Access to the TikTok Now App

To register or log in on TikTok Now, do the following:

• Install the app from Google Play or App Store

• Open it and then fill in your details to create an account if you don't have one. Next, click on Sign Up. If you have an existing account, tap login to get started.

• If you have more than one TikTok account, be sure to use the details of the preferred account to access the application.

How to Upload a TikTok Now Post

Ready to share your first TikTok Now post? Do these:

• Tap the TikTok notification to view the daily prompt. If you're on the main app, select the prompt. It's located in the Friends Tab or Now feed. Alternatively, you can tap the lightning bolt icon at the bottom of your screen.

• If you're on a separate application, open the Friends feed to view the prompt.

• Next, click post to view and tap the blue circle to create your TikTok Now for the day. Grant TikTok access to your mic and camera if it's the first time you're launching a TikTok camera.

• Then, capture your TikTok Now picture or clip with the front and back camera. Remember the active 3-minute timer if you're 18 years or older.

• Take a minute to review what your snapshot or recording looks like. Tap delete if you don't like the shot, and redo another takes.

• Finally, click the posting button (checkmark button) to share your TikTok Now with your friends.

If you're successful with the above instructions, your post will be visible on the Now feed (for the main TikTok), and Friends feed (for the standalone application.) TikTok will send out a notification alerting users on your friends' lists about your post. You can share the post with only your friends or the entire TikTok community. We'll discuss more on how to achieve this in the sections below.

Also, note that you're not restricted to one post per day; you can post as many TikTok Nows as you want.

How to Find Friends on TikTok Now

Crowdhall makes you TikToker! Let's say that first. They support your TikTok needs with their genuine techniques and services when you need new friends on TikTok.

If you're new to TikTok and do not have an existing account, you may need to grow your friends list to enjoy a better experience on the app. You can tap Add Friends at the top of the TikTok Now profile, Now feed, or Friends Provide to grow your social media connections.

To connect with new friends' TikTok accounts, here are some other things to try:

For both the TikTok app and the TikTok Now app:

• Tap profile at the bottom of your screen

• Tap Menu at the top

• Tap Settings & Privacy > Privacy > Sync Contacts & Facebook Friends

• Next, toggle the switch on each of the options to determine how the platform suggests friends to you

You can undo any of the Sync contacts settings you've put in place. Tap the Remove previously synced contacts from your Sync contacts and Facebook Friends settings.

Steps to Change Your TikTok Now's Privacy Settings

If you like privacy on the posts you share on the platform, there are a few ways to achieve this.

• Before you post, open the Post to View tab and select "Friends can view" to decide who sees your pics and vids.

• Select who you want to be able to see your TikTok Nows. There are three options: Everyone, Followers, and Friends.

• If you choose EVERYONE, anyone can see your TikTok Nows as long as they're in your region.

• If you choose FOLLOWERS, only your followers can see the post.

• If you choose FRIENDS, only your mutual friends and those you also follow can see your TikTok.
You can reset the options to the default setting to deactivate any of these options.

Steps to Delete a TikTok Now Post

So, you posted your TikTok Now but got tired of it. Or maybe it's revealing something you don't want anyone to see. Don't sweat; you can delete it. Follow these steps:

• Open your app (regular TikTok) to view the TikTok Now post

• Click Share on the post

• Tap Delete once, then tap it again to confirm

• For the separate app, click on your profile picture > Open the post you wish to delete

• Tap More Options at the top of the screen.

• Select Delete

TikTok App Notifications Silenced in 4-5 Steps

Agreed, this new feature can be pretty fun to use at the beginning, helping you stay connected to your social media friends.

But after a while, many users get tired of the daily notification and alert emojis (the lightning icon) that pops up randomly. Thankfully, you can silence the push notification forever...or for as long as you like, with the following simple steps:

For the Regular Application

• Tap the profile picture at the bottom

• Tap the Menu button

• Tap Settings and Privacy

• Tap Push Notifications

• Turn them off with the toggle switch.

For TikTok Now's Notification

• Tap your profile picture at the bottom tab

• Click on the Menu button

• Tap Push Notifications

• Toggle off the daily notification feature

FAQs About How the TikTok Now App Works

Because this is one of the new features of TikTok, there are still a lot of questions from many users about how the app works. Let's answer a couple of them:

Can you delete a TikTok Now post later?

Yes. If the TikTok Now post is no longer on your feed, go to your Memories under the profile page section. Tap the calendar date on the unwanted post and then the three-dot icon. Finally, select Delete to remove it from TikTok,

How can I tell when I will get a TikTok Now prompt?

This social media feature thrives on the randomness of the Now button notification. It is scheduled to come every 24 hours at no definite time or hour. Expect it at any time!

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