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Make Tablet Photo Slideshow Video with After Effects template

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Want to make a business website tab slideshow in minutes? Try this!


Video content generates the highest engagement rates, and the statistics show it. Today, it’s become an essential digital marketing tool in business advertising. Although every brand out there was eager to exploit this trend, accessibility for companies that controlled limited resources seemed rather challenging.


Before now, it took a considerable upfront investment to launch a high-yielding video marketing campaign. Fast forward to 2021; there’s a cheaper way to make video commercials for branding purposes. Do you want to learn how to create a tablet slideshow for your agency, online store, or non-profit startup?


Let me introduce you to a faster, more economically friendly video design technique. You might have heard something about using pre-animated After Effects (AE) templates to craft personalized commercials. It’s the trendiest post-production asset on the market right now that enables you to formulate high-impact visual content in minutes. I’ll tell you more about how it works, what you need to get started, sustainability factors, and so forth.


How to make a promotional mobile slideshow with an AE template?


You wish you could promote your brand more, but your small business is struggling with cash flow. Fret not. No matter what led your company to this point, you will appreciate the flexibility, speed, modularity, and cost-efficiency you get with AE automation.


Look at this as an opportunity to practice self-sustainability as an entrepreneur. Make a promo video for your business in just 30 minutes on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Let’s get started! Here are the materials you’ll need for this project: logo images (3), pre-recorded footage (16 video clips) or photos, text (26 lines), and music.


Choose this video template or pick another theme from our gallery to design your slide show tab commercial. Watch the preview to decide if it fits your brand, then hit the button below the video to upload and customize your files. Our automated video maker generates the best professional 1-minute photo slideshow for tablet presentation.


Make a compelling slideshow on iPad for online business promotion!


Videos with text and animation are appealing to the eyes. With a custom ready-to-use AE template, personalizing your brand message is easier than ever. It lets you animate pictures, videos, and images with special effects. You can either customize the AE project presented or craft something new.


Change the color presets to match that of your brand. Not feeling the text style? Our template offers a wide selection of professional typography options that will make your iPad photo slideshow look more presentable.


You have our massive library at your disposal to help you find compatible illustrations, audio tracks, images, and footage. In all honesty, this is a practical, inexpensive way to generate high-converting sales leads for your business website. Did you know you can reuse your customized slideshow videos optimized for display on mobile devices in direct marketing campaigns?


Here is the secret to creating the best photo slideshow for tablet display


Do you have what it takes to make a memorable slideshow presentation for tablet display? Of course, you do. And, our customizable AE template has all the built-in designer tools you need to make creative video content. Visual content optimization for different displays should be a priority because it can ruin the viewing experience.


With a pre-designed template, you can easily adjust the dimension of your video to match any display format. It’ll also help you tell a convincing story without being overly chatty because your visuals will do most of the talking. Write less and do more with text animation that expresses your brand message in a concise, meaningful way.


Whether you want to celebrate a milestone, anniversary, event, or achievement, use an animated slide to make your announcements in grand style. You’ll get a well-made promotional slideshow tablet video for your business website without investing a lot of money. But don’t just take my word for it; purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to source exclusive templates for your business ads.

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