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Boost your business growth within minutes!


The main reason you consider starting a business is to obtain profits. But for you to make huge profits, you need to make huge sales. And you need to have many customers for you to make such sales. And this right here: is the part that most people get wrong.


If you are interested in reaching more people within a short time, video marketing is the way to go. And the good news? We have got you covered. With this After Effects template, you can create professional video slideshows with a duration of up to 42 seconds.


This length is perfect for two main reasons. First, you get to accommodate a lot of information, and second, you get to relay your message without boring your target audience. Interestingly, this photo slideshow template has room for 12 video clips, 23 text lines, and even one logo image. But wait, there is more: this After Effects slideshow template is flexible, and you can use it to market your business regardless of the sector in which it operates.


How to create a slideshow in a movie maker


Video creation on our picture slideshow movie maker is pretty simple. We have the best slideshow movie maker software with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to customize the After Effects templates. To start the video creation process, input your data in the video display parts.


But this is not enough. How effective can a video be without beautiful music in the background? You guessed right: it won't have maximum effects on its target audience.


But don't worry about it. We have numerous music tracks to choose from to make your video more interesting. Best of all, you can even upload your favorite song from your device if none of our music tracks please you.


As the saying goes, man is to error. While creating your videos, you may make errors, but this should not worry you. We have got you covered. We have availed an option that allows you to produce a free test video to countercheck your content.


You can then produce your video in Full HD if you are confident that it is flawless. You are probably wondering: How do I do this? The answer is pretty simple. Pay the small fee displayed on the template headline. You can then download your Full HD video slideshow with music in various sizes and formats ready for use wherever you want.


Why use a slideshow video?


You are probably asking yourself: Is a slideshow video that important? Yes, it is. A slideshow has more power than you can fathom, and it is the secret to business success.


I know what you are thinking: that a video slideshow doesn't have much power. But here is the deal: you're mistaken. Recent statistics show that more than 72% of the population prefer watching videos to reading text. If you use videos to popularize your brand, you will reach more people worldwide.


This is great for business because it makes it easier to attract new customers to your brand. Using video and picture slideshows on your website will drive more than 80% of traffic to it. This will make it easier for people to find your website on various social networks. In turn, you will be able to reach more people and hence make more sales.


Now, here is the good news. Photo video slideshows will always give you immediate feedback about your products and even the market. You will see the number of people who have viewed your video content.


You will also get to know what the market needs by reading your customers' comments. In this way, you can customize your products to suit the market requirements. In so doing, you will make more sales, and your business will be more successful.

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