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Make Christmas And Happy New Year Greeting Card Video

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Best way to start the new year? Sell your brand with a New Year greeting card template!


What a year it’s been! Are you counting down the days left until the new year begins? Let’s recap your milestones and announce improvements or updates for the comming year. Whether you have customers, colleagues, friends, family, or clients waiting to see what the future holds, you can make a lighthearted video to entertain them.


Don’t have the time or skills to bring your ideas into context all by yourself? Well, luckily, this Christmas and New Year greeting card template can help you put everything into perspective. When using this ready-made video project, you don’t have to worry about having motion design skills, experience, or technical knowledge.


The template layers are customizable, and you’ll find all the tools you need to update it inside. Do you want to learn how to change the settings? Follow our simple steps to register and start working on your project.


Christmas Happy New Year greeting card maker for business


Tell the tales of your business and unveil your plans for the future with a New Year video. All you have to do is add some photos, footage, text, and your business logo image or icon; our automated render bots will take care of the rest. So press Edit to open this composition.


You’ll need to sign up if you’re a new user. Are you already registered? Just enter your credentials to access the dashboard, where you can build your video. Our online video editing tool is easy to navigate and intuitive.


For the most part, you’ll be adding and removing elements until you get the exact result you want. Moreover, its streamlined interface enables you to execute time-consuming editing processes associated with video production quicker and more efficiently. That said, our auto rendering feature allows you to cut, crop, edit, merge, and resize images faster than ever.


Style your Christmas and New Year greeting card template to match your brand


Have you always wanted clean, superior motion graphics output that displays your content perfectly? Well, let me show you how to enhance your footage with this simple After Effects template. This versatile layout is ideal for any New Year-themed celebration or occasion you want your audience to know about in advance.


Our pack comes fully loaded with creative design elements, tools, and users get to sample custom graphic properties from our vast media gallery. We have exclusive song titles, illustrations, icons, and more, all of which are royalty-free. Additionally, it allows you to incorporate colors that match your company, install professional font styles, apply text effects and branding features.


Besides highlighting your business milestones and achievements, you can promote an upcoming event or party. You can also use pictures or video clips to represent each milestone without overusing text. You have about 21 seconds to shine in this timeline, and our template here has the perfect outline to keep your animated message short and spicy. 


Need a spectacular theme for your next Happy New Year greeting card? Try this!


Top brands use video templates for many reasons. Inspiration, automation, and cost-efficiency are perhaps the most popular reasons to use one. When you have a project you need to complete right away on a limited budget, this can get you going.


You’re getting high-quality graphics to work with that only need a little tweaking here and there. Our motion designers have pre-rendered the footage in After Effects for you. Plus, you’ll typically be dragging and dropping elements into the respective folders, so it’s nothing technical.


Once your project is ready, you can either pay for a downloadable MP4 file (HD version, no watermarking) or keep it in standard definition. So, in a nutshell, you get to use our platform without investing any money upfront. If you buy the license for this Christmas Happy New Year Greeting Card Video or any other template, it’s yours forever.


Are you thinking of launching a video-making enterprise? It is ideal for high volume production, especially when you want to improve workflow, maintain quality control and reduce cost. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to unlock extras.

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