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Make Corona Virus Pneumonia Epidemic Introduction Video

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Simple steps to make an effective covid-19 trailer for video introduction


What can you do to get more views, shares, and conversions? We recommend creating intro videos if you’ve not started yet. With our online intro maker app, you can create attention-grabbing openers that get your channel, brand, and company noticed.


Are you reporting on health-related subject matters? This professionally-made video template provides a well-structured base for your presentation with animated coronavirus graphics. Do you want to learn how to customize the layers to make an informative COVID-19 intro trailer?


It's easy. Just add branded logo animation (1 image), video clips or photos (7), and text (21 lines) for 53 seconds. All done and ready in less than 30 minutes, your final product is downloadable (full HD version available). Share, embed, and export your project to any destination you choose.


Why is an introduction video a must-have feature?


You see intros everywhere you turn these days: business websites, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more. It matters because it sets consumer expectations, makes your brand recognizable, and builds anticipation for future content. Plus, it helps your company show off its unique qualities, features, products, team, and values to consumers.


The title, length of your intro, and previous posts help your audience decide if they should click or watch your content. If you make each session memorable and worth reliving, they’ll want more. Remember, these are short episodes, so your message must be compelling, direct, and concise.


How do you hold their attention long enough to make a positive first impression? Give special attention to your design strategy and include elements that bring out the authentic qualities of your brand. What they hear and see ultimately shapes how they experience your brand. Your logo, color palette, brand name, and how you present your values are key influencers.


Using FOMO effectively in your COVID-19 trailer video


Motivate your target audience into action with compelling FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) CTA. Did you know you can animate your call-to-action button? Yes, our easy-to-use text animations offer simple personalization options. It’ll help you craft an irresistible prompt that will urge the viewer to click. Effortlessly grow your followers, subscribers, and increase views on your channel without being overly pushy.


There’s something else your intro needs to do a better job. Your timing must be perfect for each scene, or you’ll lose the chance to make an impression before you hook them. Luckily our video project here has already structured everything nicely for you to present must-see covid-19 information. With it, you can push the reset button to refocus their attention with something spectacular (an animated story, sobering facts, etc.).


How to make your covid-19 information video conceptually relevant?


You've got competition everywhere: how do you compel viewers to click, subscribe and watch your content? Create the best-looking presentation to demonstrate professionalism and firmly emphasize your brand identity. Additionally, consider using contextually relevant animation to support storytelling and reinforce specific details in your intro.


Yes, you have must-see highlights about the coronavirus epidemic and how it causes pneumonia. Your responsibility is to present the details in a visually appealing way to attract potential information seekers. Pay keen attention to these critical aspects to ensure you have a solid presentation that will keep the audience hooked:


  • video content quality
  • music
  • text
  • duration
  • branding


As for branding your intro video: animate your logo, name, or label, and choose colors that align with your values. Use our intro animator to incorporate captivating fonts and well-placed textual elements that are both professional-looking and entertaining. It’ll enable you to frame transitions, scenes, flashbacks, perfect your style and tone for a cohesive final product.


But don't just take my word for it: purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to level up your video marketing game.


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