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Make Modern Application Ad Video with After Effects template

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Mobile app marketing is essential for online business success. Read this to find out why!


Does your business cater to mobile consumers? No? Then, you’re trailing behind. It’s not possible to survive the competitive digital business landscape without an effective mobile marketing strategy.


The statistics showing the amount of time mobile consumers spend on various apps is staggering. Yes, traditional computers still generate the highest sales conversions, but even so, tablets and mobile phones continue to forecast impressive numbers too.


Do you want to learn how to make high-converting mobile app promo ads for your brand or e-commerce storefront? When consumers are on the go, they need personalized, location, and time-sensitive solutions to get through their days easier. Zap! Another missed opportunity to make an impression on a potential buyer. If only your business had implemented mobile app advertising sooner.


Have you heard what a mobile app ad video maker can do?


Stop struggling to master complicated video-making software because you won’t get the results you’re after right away. Use our ready-to-edit After Effects template and built-in online app ad maker to design mobile-friendly business commercials instantly. You can find the best theme for authentic storytelling right here on your website.


Guess how long this online mobile ad creator takes to deliver a studio-quality video project? 30 minutes. Plus, this platform caters to all experience levels, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or accomplished learner. Once you’ve selected the video template you wish to use, you can drop your assets on the customizable layers to start working on your campaign.


Each prebuilt template has a fixed capacity for assets. For example, this one allows you to upload a maximum of 23 texts, your business or brand logo, and 11 photos or videos. However, this doesn’t mean it limits creativity because you can add music, animate your texts, use your brand colors, and more. The ad has a reasonable runtime of 20 seconds.


Personalize your mobile app advertisements in a simple video ad creator


This automated mobile app video maker can deliver an authentic, personalized promo ad for your online business within minutes. Give your chosen template a unique feel and look that will enable customers to recognize your brand easily. Let me explain how you can add details that fit your brand aesthetics and personality.


You want to create personalized visual experiences that let potential consumers see your brand as a fun, approachable consultant. But they won’t know what to expect unless you show them, so create a mobile application promotion to demonstrate this. Go for a color scheme similar to your brand palettes, then top it off with accompanying music, textures, and typography.


Surprise your consumers with personable ads that respect their privacy; these are neither annoying nor intrusive. Make bold, vibrant, engaging mobile ads with dynamic text, images, scenes, unforgettable music, and clickable CTAs. A well-executed mobile marketing strategy will boost sales conversions, encourage consumer engagement, explain features, and promote your improved app features.


Mobile app promotional video creation using simple template customization technique


I promise, applying changes to this video project is incredibly easy. Should you expect less from a fully automated mobile ad video maker? Not at all. It is fast, precise, and ready to go once you drop your assets on the template.


Does this self-serve customization approach work? Of course, it does. Imagine what you can achieve when you have the best designer toolkit at your fingertips to bring your ideas to life. You’ll learn how to customize After Effects templates like a professional without actually doing the legwork.


All your mobile display advertisements will have the correct orientation to improve the viewing experience. Plus, this is a labor-saving and economically sustainable way to make videos. Small businesses and less experienced designers looking to cut their video production spending should consider this option. Be the first to try our exclusive templates before they go public.


Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to download all your mobile app marketing videos in HD.


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