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Make Cool Logo Intro Video Online with After Effects template

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Learn how to make an intro video with a logo

Are you interested to learn how to make an introduction video with a logo in minutes? With this template, you can make a fantastic introduction video that could assist you in making a great first impression. The template lets you create an amazing video that will help you build a good rapport with prospective customers, even before they purchase your product or services.

Now is the time to get started and create an incredible video with our intro maker. All you must do is pick the template and add one text line and a logo image. Kindly ensure that your video doesn’t exceed ten seconds.

Nowadays, many brands are capitalizing on videos. Why? Because videos can quickly be shared on social media platforms and your followers can quickly help to spread information about your brand. Making an outstanding video using our intro maker without watermark will set you ahead of your competition in design, time, and money.

Tips and tricks on how to make an intro video with a logo

1. Introduce your brand

The initial step is always to ensure that you quickly introduce your brand, what you do, share some contact information. With the above intro maker, you can make a short, precise, and professional video in minutes in the comfort of your home. 

2. Choose the correct type of music

Capture peoples’ attention by adding background music that makes your video lively. Thankfully this template has a music library with copy-right free songs that you can use to make your video a masterpiece. Alternatively, we allow you to upload a song from your device.

3. Your video should reflect your brand identity

When making your introduction video, it’s crucial to make sure that it mirrors your brand by showing the viewers what your company stands for. According to experts, most people tend to connect more with a brand’s personality than just its products or services.

4. Ensure to add contact information in your video

Please include important contact information such as email address, website, and social media handles when creating your video. 

How to use your introduction video

A logo animation video communicates your brand’s identity, and there are several ways to use them. Below are some of the ways:

• You can use an intro video on your website

Inserting a video on your website is preferable for people who have less time to read through your outstanding work. Nevertheless, they can always watch an introduction video to get a general idea of your brand, and if interested in your products, they can reach out.

• Social media networks   

How would you feel when someone sends you an incredible introductory video on social media instead of a long descriptive email about their company or services? The probability of watching the video till the end is very high, and you might reach out to the company. That’s how influential sharing videos on social media is. For that reason, now is the time to share your video on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform because video content expresses more by saying less.

• YouTube

YouTube is the best video sharing platform globally, and it’s also the second most searched online platform after google. As a startup business owner, this is an excellent platform to market or advertise your business. Besides, you can make an amazing logo introduction video for your YouTube channel with our intro maker. When you have an outstanding video, you can instantly turn your viewers into permanent subscribers.

• Ads

Did you know that you can successfully run ads on various digital media channels using your logo animation video? Most logo animation videos are short, which makes it easy for you to share on social networks.

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