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Make Futuristic Spherical Logo Intro Video with AE template

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Find out now! How to make the best logo opening faster and cheaper


How much are you spending on marketing videos for your business these days? Too much? There’s a cheaper way to do it faster, more efficiently, and creatively without compromising quality.


Do you want to learn how thousands of small businesses are creating high-end logo openers that convert well? You probably have an agency or hired hands you call on when you need professional business ads. Going this route usually requires an incredible amount of time, effort, and lots of money.


Why go through all that trouble when our online logo intro creator can deliver premium quality branded commercials in 30 minutes. You’ll wish you knew about this sooner when you realize how cost-effective this can be. Watch this preview to see what our ready-made logo introduction template looks like before you make a video.


Logo opening intro template - create branded marketing videos instantly!


This up-to-the-minute logo opener template featuring futuristic spherical particle graphics is ready to use. Feel free to experiment with a few of our designs until you find the perfect base for your project. Tweak the design anyhow you like.


All templates come complete with easy-to-use editing tools on deck and pre-loaded compositing files. These also include interchangeable pre-animated design elements that you can rearrange to your liking. Each template contains a set of predefined editable compositions crafted by our expert motion designers.


The media assets you see in this stinger video preview are just placeholders. Click edit right below the sample video to open the After Effects composition folder and customize the highlighted parts. Just upload your logo design (1 image), photos or footage, and a single-line text for 11 seconds playback.


Use a customizable logo opening video to tell your authentic brand story!


First off, let me explain what a logo stinger or intro video consists of and why it is a crucial investment for modern brands. As the name implies, it is an introduction. With this particle logo animation, you can create a well-structured intro that shapes how your target audience perceives your brand.


Logo animation uses a combination of imagery and text to accomplish different objectives. It helps brands build a compelling, strategic narrative to define your company, its mission, goals, and what you intend for the audience. Moreover, it allows your brand to highlight its unique differential value, presenting facts, benefits, and entertainment in the same breath.


Animated intro videos are memorable, fun, and eye-catching. Achieving this is much easier now that you can use customized templates to improve your intros. Our professional logo opener lets you incorporate unique, meaningful elements to evoke strong emotions and define your brand authentically.


Where to find the best HD logo intro design for brand promotion?


Explore hundreds of high-quality logo animation templates on our platform. Once you pick the design you like, you can change the text and background color layers. Add professional transitions, special effects, music, unique typography, and personalized branding to increase memory recall.


On top of that, you can access tons of royalty-free graphic assets, icons, illustrations, fonts, music, and more. Our simple video-making app is user-friendly, intuitive, fast, and has auto-render. After you finish making your branded logo opening video, you can download a high-resolution Mp4 video ( no watermark).


You can save a copy on your computer or preferred storage device for future use. Want to make advanced changes to your downloaded video like replacing the fixed parts, adding, deconstructing, or removing scenes? Try our custom video service for a modest fee, or consider using another editor.


The takeaway


Want to learn how to spice up your logo reveals and propel your brand to the top? Check our ready-to-use video intro templates to create the best logo stinger. Open this project file and start working on your masterpiece immediately.


Customization is pretty much hands-on and beginner-friendly. Do you find complicated editing software intimidating? Then you should invest in our cost-friendly video templates to make fantastic intros that boost conversions.


It is an excellent option for small businesses and professionals who have limited advertising dollars. You have access to a vast library of expertly customized templates and various stock properties. Once you complete your video project, you can conveniently export your clip to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or download it as an Mp4 video.


Access essential post-production designer resources for your video projects anywhere and anytime you want. But don’t just take my word for it; purchase our unlimited monthly subscription.

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