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Create an Amazing 3D Rotating Logo Video Online at 60fps with Music

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3D Rotating Logo Video

Did you ever realize your company’s brand is critical to promoting your service? If yes, you can use this template to make a 3D rotating logo video. This would be the first thing the visitors will see about your company, so it must be attractive and impressive. Using our editor, there is no need to have video editing experience; all you need is a logo in black or white.

I have great news if you are an entrepreneur and want to promote your business quickly. It’s never been this easy to create 3D animated videos. Creating a 3D logo video is a great way to show customers what your business is all about. 

Regarding online marketing, 3D animated videos are the way to go. They’re easy to create and quickly shared across platforms. In short, they’re a must for any Entrepreneur looking to promote their brand in no time. 

You can uniquely convey your brand’s personality and values by presenting your logo in a rotating animation. However, this kind of video can be tricky to produce. This template will add more dimension and depth to your company logo by animating and rotating it in 3D.

It will also apply a shiny silver and gold look to create the impression of luxury and sophistication. The result will be a beautiful, more expressive intro than a static logo. The 3D rotating logo video uniquely promotes your brand and shows people what it’s all about. It is also a way to stand out since most videos are 2D.

You can make a significant visual impact on your brand by using our video templates. In marketing, you must stand out and make your products and services recognizable, right? But is it possible to create 3D animated logo videos for your company without spending on hiring a videographer? Yes, Let me tell you how you can do that.

How do you create a Rotating 3D Logo Animation?

If you want to create a fantastic logo video for your business, why not turn your 2D logo into a 3D video? This 3D animated logo template will make the work much more manageable. To start creating your video, click the button above to edit this template, then insert a text and your logo image, and you’ll be done in minutes.

When you are done, download your video and share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media sites for marketing and advertising your company.


In short, relying on a static logo for visual communication is over. 3D animated videos give life to your company logo as they can convey ideas more quickly and sharply. It’s a cutting-edge tactic to promote your brand worldwide, and our online 3D logo video templates have made this task incredibly more accessible for you.

You can create a 3D animated logo video of your choice in minutes. You can try any template from our platform for free, and if you like the result, the best option is to purchase our monthly subscription plan because you’ll be able to use all our templates free of charge. So what are you waiting for? Start now making an outstanding 3D animated logo video for your brand.
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