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Create Crypto Instagram Story Video using Professional template

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Design crypto story videos with a vertical design


The content of your video is as essential as the quality of your video. The content in your videos not only targets potential customers but also influences them. Creating a good video can be challenging, especially if you are yet to gain experience. However, with the right direction and some help from us, you can create a video that resonates with your audience and leaves them wanting more. And the best part? You can do this with no prior editing skills or experience. 


This article will walk you through creating a crypto story video from scratch to help you craft an initial concept into something compelling and marketable. In the past two years alone, we’ve seen massive changes in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. What was once a dying industry is now being hailed as one of the most innovative and disruptive forces to hit businesses over the last few decades.


With so much change happening so fast, it can be challenging to keep up. That is why crypto story videos are essential. They are short-form videos that explain what cryptocurrencies are, who they’re aimed at, their purpose, their benefits, and more. If you own a crypto brand, these videos are instrumental in marketing it. You will pass all this information to your target audience quickly.


With this unique video ad template, you can create 11-second-long crypto story videos. And the best part? You have space to insert one video clip, your logo image, and even write up to 5 lines of text. These help you create short but thoroughly engaging crypto videos with a vertical design to upload on Instagram. These videos are viral magnets that bring together people who share the same passions: investing in cryptocurrencies, learning about them, and ultimately integrating them into our everyday lives (and beyond).


Why do you need a crypto story video, and where can you use it?


You are probably asking yourself why you need a crypto story video. Now, crypto is a hot topic, and more people are learning about it daily. However, most people who know about crypto don’t understand it. That’s why making promotional videos to explain the world of cryptocurrency to your target audience is helpful and essential. It helps your target audience learn more about new crypto topics and allows you to make a promotional video that best reflects you as a person and your company.


Now, you are probably asking yourself, where are crypto story videos eligible for use? Here is the good news; this digital era gives you numerous options. With the debut of social media platforms, marketing and engaging with your target audience is more effortless. You can use Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, among other social media platforms, to popularize your crypto enterprise, regardless of size. Here is the kicker; this design is perfect for Instagram, and uploading these videos makes them blend perfectly.


How can you create a blockchain video with a vertical design?


I bet you already know that creating a promo video for your crypto brand is a brilliant way to remain competitive in the global market. There are many video production companies that you can adopt to create your videos. But I recommend you choose us. With us, you will create fantastic crypto videos at a very affordable cost. And the best part? You are at liberty to choose whichever video template you like.


We have advanced video production software that makes the video creation process effortless and less time-consuming. With our online video maker, you can create high-quality crypto story videos within minutes. Starting off your video project is pretty simple. Click the “Press Here to Create a Video” button to access this template’s editing window. You can then input your content and edit your video to your liking.


To spice up your content, add a music track to it. You can then produce a free test video to check for any errors in your video. If you are confident that your story video is flawless, pay the fee on the template headline to produce it in Full HD. You can then download the Full HD crypto story video in various sizes and formats and use it wherever you want.


The Takeaway


In a nutshell, a crypto story video is a super easy way to educate your target audience about the latest market trends in the cryptocurrency world. It creates a professional and credible image for your brand and even improves traffic to your site. That way, people can easily find your website and learn more about your brand.


What are you waiting for? Click the button above to get started. Trust me; the blockchain videos you create will be worth every penny you spend on them!

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