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Make Corporate Timeline Video Online with After Effects template

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Do You Want to Sell Corporate Slideshow Videos?


What tools are you using to promote your corporation these days? And, I’m talking about artistic concepts, not just old-fashioned marketing. Let me see: think digital, impactful, future-proof, and interactive. Do I have your attention?

Enterprises leverage corporate culture videos to build social influence. Missing the opportunity to do so can have negative consequences. What should you do now?  Here is a sensational After Effects template to promote your timeline videos. Think about that for a minute. We can assure you that this is the best value available on the market today.

Our engineers used the most sophisticated software and cutting-edge technology to design this template for you. And guess what? We have a fast online movie maker to help you speed up production. If you start now, you can have this corporate promotion video in minutes. All you need is a striking logo image, catchy text lines (23), and some pre-recorded video clips (11). Subscribers get exclusive music rights to use audio when producing corporate profile videos. Wrap it up in only 40 seconds, and get your brand noticed for extraordinary things.

Why is corporate video advertising so relevant?

Establishing, nurturing, and retaining relationships should be a priority for every corporation. Visual aids such as corporate promotional products and videos use relatable social constructions to stimulate meaningful human interaction. Nowadays, some consumers cannot live without watching videos. And, according to this research, a YouTube survey, half of the millennial and Gen Z population fall in this group.

If you learn to promote your corporate image today, you can avoid slipping into a ghostly tunnel of forgotten names. And, you can adapt any personality you like: be candid, humorous, or informative.

The best videos highlight:

  • Dynamic graphics
  • Upbeat music
  • Investor presentations
  • Helpful employee content (training, safety, and instructional videos)
  • Event/activity summaries
  • Most asked questions
  • Product/service demonstrations
  • Executive interviews

Mistakes to avoid when doing corporate video production

You might feel the urge to include everything you can think of as relevant punchlines to mention. But, this is not the venue to deep-dive into product and service specifications. Instead, make a corporate timeline slideshow that helps the potential investors and the wider public know you more.

If your corporate brand has firm gender equality values and advocates for workplace diversity, promote this in your video. Then, you know how to get more women interested in applying for roles in your company. An emotional corporate Ad will generate the most social impact.

Avoid distractions. Take care to follow the hints you get when customizing your corporate storyboard videos. Achieving uniformity is crucial. So consider using suitable titles, colors, filters, and images.

Use appealing graphical content. If your logo and images are low quality, it can affect how your video looks. Remember, this video will showcase what your corporation represents, its values, and character. You can’t impress your potential customers, clients, and workforce with substandard graphics.

How to promote corporate image with videos

Pick the best corporate timeline video template for your project and upload your files for quick rendering in our corporate video maker. Highlight the unique things about your corporation. Create an inspiring storyboard to get people talking about your brand.

Want to see what your corporate slideshow looks like before you download it. Just preview it. What do you think? Amazing! We know. Do you have multiple locations and want to keep a uniform appeal? No problem, our unlimited subscription plan lets you create infinite copies. Corporate marketing videos based on this After Effects template is an affordable reseller product.

Corporate storyboards can be informational and instructional. It is an ideal platform to get the word about your product launch, recruitment programs, employment development exercises, and training.

Which events did you attend this year? Make a corporate slideshow video about the experience. If you don't know how to promote corporate social responsibility through videos, this template is novice-proof. But don't take my word for it: try one of our low-cost After Effects video templates here.

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