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Create Coming Soon Movie Trailer Video Online with Music

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Glitch logo pack for fast movie trailer animation


Do you need help producing a movie trailer for an upcoming film project? All you need is this template-based movie maker to assemble your trailers. Creating a coming attraction trailer is now easier than ever. This pre-built movie project lets you quickly and effectively produce cinematic clips, even if you have never done it before.


How do you get started? The steps are super simple and practical, so you don’t have to be an expert. First, select a template. This movie trailer pack, for example, features pre-built high-resolution background footage with glitch effect animation. Create a cinematic trailer with professional logo branding and narrate using animated text, clips, voice-over, and audio.


It includes 10 video placeholders and 18 editable text layers. This pre-made trailer template has a modular framework with a simple grid layout to drop all the elements into place. Liven up your scenes with exciting transitions, color filters, and stylish text effects. Then tap it off with a mesmerizing soundtrack or musical selection for that hypnotic effect.


How to create a coming soon movie trailer with glitch animation


Give your movie scenes a unique retro vibe with ready-built glitch animation. All it takes to transform any footage or image with distortion elements is the press of a button. You may use the presets in this sample video or import new material to the timeline.


Enter the words in the text boxes to apply the glitchy look to the particular layers. Making and editing your coming attraction trailer with digital distortion effects will be super easy. This modern glitch art template can bring edginess and unique distortion styles to your promo trailer video.


With our drag-and-drop trailer maker app, you have everything at your fingertips to pull off the best glitch trend trailers. Accessible online, anywhere, and anytime you need it, our easy-to-use template editor is compatible with all browsers. If you want to automate your video creation process, this is how you can do it effortlessly.


Best online editor to make a glitchy movie trailer


Let me show you how this tool works. Enjoy speedier and more precise editing performance with this fully automated system. After inserting multimedia content into this template editor, click the layers you wish to animate, and the system will do the rest.


Automated drag-and-drop editor with functional features to organize and manage all your media files. Make easy adjustments with built-in color controllers and video styling features. Get this high-impact trailer with fast glitch transition and detailed animation to promote anything from sci-fi to mystery to horror films.


Create elegantly styled and visually dynamic opening sequences that instantly captivate the audience. Customize all editable layers with simple modifications like adding scene transitions, color filters, text effects, and music that sets your brand apart. All done in minutes, you can save your progress and continue later or download your finished trailer in full HD resolution.




This cinematic trailer video is the perfect environment to promote your movie projects on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or any other prominent streaming platform. We offer this video in a compatible universal format that is acceptable everywhere, whether you need this for your website or social media. Get your trailer in the ideal dimensions and ratios for seamless integration on the platform of your choice. 

Alter this 27-second-long clip to fit your needs. Highlight the most iconic and memorable moments in your movie with simple slow and fast-motion effects. Try this easy plug-and-play solution for immediate results; no coding, plug-ins, setup, or installation is necessary. This low-cost movie trailer maker is ideal for independent film producers, designers, and anyone looking to be more creative.


After editing your project, you may download the low-resolution version at no cost or pay for the FHD copy. Alternatively, you may buy a one-time license to download this template in HD or purchase our unlimited monthly subscription. There are a lot of perks to enjoy when you subscribe to monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or multi-year plans. For instance, you can download multiple video projects in FHD and sample new templates daily.

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