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Make Car Movie Intro Video Online with After Effects template

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Learn to make a car logo intro video with After Effects like a professional


With this Car Movie After Effects template, you can make the most productive opening ad in minutes to promote your automotive business. Do you operate in the automotive industry? Try our handy video maker to create a powerful car show intro with stunning visuals for free. We have an extensive media gallery of the best hand-picked templates for brand advertising.


Many companies, corporations, freelancers, and entrepreneurs use pre-designed animation to create their promotional video scripts. Have you wondered why? It’s the most sustainable way to increase output without staking a high investment. Startups managing a limited budget, resources, and experience need opportunities like this to maintain a competitive edge.


Whether you own a car wash, dealership, or another establishment in the automotive space, quality advertising is your ticket to success. Do you need inspiration for your upcoming car logo reveal? Explore our gallery to find the perfect template for your ad intro.


What should I include in a car intro video?


Naturally, your opening segment should entail a brief introduction. Here you will introduce your brand and what differentiates it from the competition. Perhaps you want to display your top cars, models, specialty, interests, and experience. Remember, you have a few seconds to reel in viewers and pique their interest for more action.


Our car intro template will add texture and definition to your presentation. It will increase opportunities to boost engagement, improve conversions and maximize returns. It is the cheapest and quickest way to design a professional car promo ad as an amateur.


Are you ready to edit your first video? Let me show you how to do it. You don’t need a manual to understand how our online editor works. It has simple features and produces the best motion graphics with car promo After Effects.


How to make a free ad with custom car show intro After Effects template


The first thing you should do is create an account. It is free. Keep your account logged in to edit the video template you want to use. Just press the button to open the editor. It will load the current frame. Do you see the editable layers? That’s where you will put your media.


For this short trailer, you only need a few files since it will be 9 seconds long. Intros don’t usually last long, so you are on the right track. Attach your logo image (1) and text (1). That’s it! The video animator will take care of the rest. Are you satisfied with your choice? You can always preview your copy and decide if you want it or not.


You can save your project and complete it later. If you love what you see, download it. If you have a standard account, you can only download low-resolution videos. For premium features such as HD video downloads, you can order our unlimited monthly subscription.


Top benefits of using car promo After Effects intro template


Although automating your video production process is a cheaper alternative,  you should assess if it makes sense for your business. If you decide to adopt this model, you won’t regret your choice. Some of the perks of automation include:


  • Fast turnaround time. The speed of delivery you will experience tops any conventional method. We know our editor can consistently produce a finished copy within 30 minutes, sometimes less.


  • Affordability. Which business isn’t looking for ways to regulate cost-efficiency these days? It is necessary considering the current economic climate. You would need an entire team to do this job if you chose the traditional route. Writing, shooting or animating, editing, and producing videos cost a lot of money. We’re saving you all that trouble by helping you achieve results faster and at a low cost.


  • Well-designed premade templates. Our automated editor is the first of its kind. The pre-designed templates have well-coordinated scenes that will give your car racing intro video a cohesive, polished look. Plus, customization is quick and painless.




If you don’t want to take formal lessons to learn how to shoot product videos or rely on an agency, this option is a worthwhile investment. You pay a small fee for our unlimited monthly subscription, and you can create lots of videos.


We even allow you to customize some parts of your video. You will never run out of inspiration because we add new titles daily. And, premium subscribers get to see our exclusive designs before they go public. Get instant access to unique stock images, audio tracks, and other media. Sign up for our unlimited monthly subscription today!


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