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Make Bus Billboard Mockup Video with After Effects template

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Achieve greater brand exposure with a bus billboard video


Are you thinking of economical ways to advertise your business and reach more potential consumers? One place that could potentially generate a steady flow of leads is outdoors. While outdoor advertising as a direct form of marketing sounds exciting, you should consider your options well. Transit advertising can be affordable, financially rewarding, and even sustainable if you choose the right venue. Have you heard of bus billboards?


Imagine what it would be like to see your advertisement riding on a bus. That would be something, right! Great news! You can mock up a bus billboard video in just minutes with our advanced online video generator. We will also explain the advantages of using this medium to promote your brand, products, services, and events.


New-age marketing trends and even once-leading strategies require proper execution. Our role here is to help you form realistic expectations of what you can achieve if you decide to adopt this model. Medium-scale enterprises and corporate giants are already exploiting this technique to attract more business. The results are encouraging, but until recently, small businesses couldn’t tap into this resource. With our solution, budding startups and micro-entrepreneurs can now utilize this as a supplemental marketing tool.


What is video billboard advertising?


Transit or bus billboard advertising offers two display modes. The first method allows you to display ads on the exterior frame of the transportation. Alternatively, you can choose the second orientation where you advertise on an internal display panel. You might have seen ads riding the sides of buses.


If you ride subway transits, you probably read an ad or a few displayed on the inside panel. Advertisers place them on bus platforms, near trains, and even inside the station. However, we want you to focus on bus billboards for now.


Technology innovations continue to reshape digital marketing trends and how advertisers promote their brands online. Brands shouldn’t shy away from leveraging these techniques to increase awareness, engagement and promote new products. Here’s a low-cost method to make a bus billboard video for brand promotion without expending your advertising budget.


Use this online video generator to make the best animated YouTube ad mockup!


Are you downsizing your video-as-a-service marketing agency? Perhaps you’ve realized it’s too costly to outsource your projects and want to try DIY video creation. Guess what? Our easy-to-use online video generator is for entrepreneurs like you. Let me explain how you can start designing animated mockups for your brand or clients.


It is simple to edit our ready-made themes that you will use to animate your video billboard. First, select the pre-animated template you want to use. Then add your text (include up to 22 lines), prerecorded video clips (10 maximum), and a high-resolution logo image.


The template has predefined editable placeholders where you should insert your media. You’ll love the flexibility automation brings to video creation and production. Thankfully, our automated video generator has auto-rendering capabilities. The average processing time is about 30 minutes. Your promotional video runtime will be about 55 seconds.


Benefits of bus video billboard advertising


Transit advertising can sometimes be a hit and miss depending on your target market and goals. One of its most outstanding performance areas is promoting brand awareness.  Moving ads drive more engagement. Furthermore, it has a customized location, eye-catching display, keeps moving, and targets a mass audience increases its success rate.


  • Ad saturation. As a direct marketing model, bus billboards put your brand message right in front of the consumer. Hence, there are copious opportunities to generate frequent impressions and reach a wider audience.


  • Frequency of ad rotation. Your ad messages have an extended run cycle, which increases the chance of your target audience seeing and recalling them.


  • Boost exposure. Consumers will see your ads multiple times, and in some cases, on different buses depending on your budget. As your target audience gets familiar with your ads, it will translate to better brand recognition.


  • Cost-efficient ads promotion. Your investment will be way less compared to traditional large-format options that also allow extended replay.


  • Geo-targeting mobility. No other large-format medium offers this level of flexibility as far as location-specific advertising goes. With transit advertising, you can get your ads displayed across specific locales.




Animated video mockups for bus billboard advertising is a powerful promotional marketing strategy. Here are some of the qualities that make the technique so persuasive and productive. The ads run continuously and deliver a diverse audience.


It runs its course. There’s no way to zap it, ignore it or turn it off. Your videos will show that your brand is agile and moving with the times. Our animated mockup videos are high-resolution and suitable for large format displays or even YouTube.


Whether you’re on a tight budget or have a considerable amount of money to spend advertising your brand, our solution yields lucrative returns. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription for exclusive benefits.

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