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Make Neon Light Logo Animation Video with After Effects template

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Do you want to design a more appealing logo intro video?


Let’s take a look at how logo animation has impacted brand marketing. A logo isn’t just a visual illustration representing your brand. It also defines your business, what it does, and its purpose. Can you learn all this from just looking at the graphics? Yes, but it takes a special kind of imagery to achieve this.


Do you want to learn how to revamp your brand logo so that it delights your audience? Here’s a template that can turn any static image into a dynamic neon light logo animation. It’s a professionally designed video project file that contains a set of pre-built After Effects compositions.


How is this beneficial to your video creation strategy? Each AE template has designated drop zones on the file layers that let you upload your content quickly. It’ll help you think creatively, work faster, stay authentic, save money, and improve content organization.


Investing in logo animation for your business


One-dimensional static logos are a thing of the past. With disruptive trends like pre-built After Effects templates on the market, rebranding a static logotype is now easier than ever. You can adjust how this neon logo text rotates, use a different color to outline the letters, change fonts, and more.


Let’s see what an animated logo can bring to the table. It presents your company values, brand, services, and products in a visually engaging way. You can’t afford to give customers the wrong impression. Is your logo representing your business or brand well?


Countless brands have enlisted designers to create animated logos, but the results are not always favorable. Some are kind enough to offer revisions as a last-minute effort to restore your confidence. But when you have a tight project deadline, you can’t take these expensive risks.


Can I use this neon logo to make an Instagram promo video?


Of course, you can. Let me explain some different ways to promote your brand logo. The first option I want to discuss is promo videos.


  • Business promo videos. Introduce your company or brand in style to attract new leads. Got a future product launch or service innovation news you want to announce? Increase awareness, build your business identity, and improve credibility with a short promo video.


  • Increase social media presence. Create engaging promo videos for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’ll increase your engagement activity as viewers react to your visual content.


  • Company website ad creation. Search engines will rank your website better if you add a video. Logo animation with After Effects will give your content a modern look. Share an emotional brand story that captures viewers’ attention immediately.


How to edit this vibrant light logo animation


Press edit to open the built-in template animator toolkit. Then drop your logo image (1) and text (1 line) into the respective fields. Remember to choose related music, clips, and pictures to enhance the viewing experience.


It has perfect timing (only 16 seconds). A project of this length usually takes less than half an hour (30 minutes). Embed your intro video on any social media destination with our quick integration option.


Use it to increase delivery speed, improve idea generation, and boost ROI. Frankly, you’re paying a small price for high-quality productions that would otherwise be ten times higher. The quality of the video is ideal for large format screens like digital signboards and billboard logo signage.


Final thoughts


Any emotion you think of evoking in your intended audience, our neon YouTube logo animation can make it happen. Want to incite excitement, thrill, joy, amusement, surprise, awe, and intrigue? Be unpredictable, unique, and genuine.


Also, consider your brand persona, audience preferences, budget, and company objectives to ensure you create effective ads. Animated logos help you establish and nurture emotional connections with your audience. It’ll improve your storytelling skills, get people to notice your brand, and encourage consumer loyalty.


That’s not all. Customers like doing business with future-forward companies. One way to demonstrate your commitment, professionalism, and integrity is by acquiring a branded logo video. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to learn more about our phenomenal tools.


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